Contractor, tile and dye lots

lauren02March 3, 2013

I posted in the flooring forum a few days ago but that one seems quieter...

We are redoing our bathroom (our first major remodel), and the contractor didn't order enough tile. We knew that that was a possibility ahead of time, but even though I told them we wanted extra tile they went ahead and rounded down. I had no idea, at the time, about porcelain tile dye lots (and the lady responsible for ordering said she didn't either?), and they just said we can "always order more." Now, almost all of the floor is done except for part of the toilet room and, of course, we are out of tile. A reorder returned tile of a different dye lot that didn't match; a second reorder returned more tile of the second, non-matching dye lot (even though they said it would match the existing tile). It is unclear whether any tile of the original dye lot exists anywhere - they are checking, but aren't sure yet.

I should mention that they are lifestone statuario venato tile, so primarily white. The different dye lots have very (to my eye) different whites, the original is more cream-ish, the new is grayer. Not noticeable when not next to each other, but very noticeable side-by-side.

Now, they keep trying to get us to just let them install it anyway since it is in what they deem as an inconspicuous place and is just a few tiles. But, it does really bother me. Plus, what that means is that I have no matching extra tile which, for a large bathroom, really upsets me, especially since I said that I wanted extra (but I'm not sure if I have the right to make that their problem?).

They say the only other option is to tear everything out, which, given our heated floors, cabinets and tub are installed, etc., will cause major problems. It sounds like they may be willing to do it on their dime, but every time we talk to someone from that company they try harder to convince us to just use what we have. Any thoughts? Are we being the unreasonable ones here, or are they just providing bad customer service? Thoughts and advice are appreciated!

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Tell them that they can install it if and ONLY IF, they sign something in writing that if YOU are not satisfied, that they'll rip out the new tile and replace it with tile of the right lot number, and if that ti;e is no longer available, being that you asked for an over order in the first place, that they'll take ALL the tile up and replace it with tile ALL from one dye lot. Otherwise, match what they started with BEFORE putting it down. I'd be hard nosed as hell on this one, being that you were prepared to pay for more tile than you needed, and THEY decided to cut the order down.

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I would have them get the correct dye lot if possible, if not rip all the tile up, and start again, or ask them to make a substantial financial adjustment.

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I side with Bill on this one, but reserve final judgement until I have " a few tiles " and " inconspicuous " defined. Precisely. And, in writing.

If it's two tiles totally underneath a vanity , that's one thing. 17 tiles along a wall edge running the length of the room and in front of the W.C., is something else entirely.

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