October Polyzine Mag

rosie_gaOctober 5, 2002

The October issue of Polymer Clay Polyzine is available at:


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Rosie, how do you keep up with the Polyzine? I always forget! Do you get email announcements or something? I went no-mail on the polymer clay e-group some time ago, so I dont' keep up as well as I once did.

I LOVE the delft tiles! A few slices of those from some nice-sized canes would be so much fun to decorate with. And surely not all that difficult. Have you ever visited that "Tile Heaven" site they link there?!

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I'm on their list.......the delft tiles were quite nice. Someone on the domino forum in yahoo had taken a blue delft patter and decoupaged it on dominos. Pretty neat.....Don't know about the tile heaven but will check it out.

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