3D Shapelet Pendants --Sculpey's, Mine & my problems

Lia_SCOctober 27, 2002

I found this project yesterday and devoted most of my day to it. :-/ It looked so simple!

Sculpey Project 3D Shapelets

I only have 2 brass stencils and neither is good for this project, so I used a plastic one instead. I don't think I'd ever used Lumiere paints on polymer clay... And I only have 3 colors of that. They go on great and dry so quickly, but when I came to the part where the clay needs to be shaped over the peanut, some of the paint rubbed off. I guess because I pressed it into my palm; that's the only way I could figure how to get it "puffed" out. I was using the Kato clay, BTW, and I wonder if Sculpey might have worked better... Then again, I may have rolled it too thick. I didn't feel like fiddling with 3/32 of an inch!!

The only thing I was worried about was getting the edges to seal. I didn't really have a problem with that.

When I took them out of the oven, they still didn't have the kind of puffiness I wanted. So I squeezed the corners, and because of the holes I'd made, air seeped in. Holding right where I wanted it, I plunged it into cold water and PRESTO! it held the shape.

Because cornstarch peanut was inside, the water melted it and it dribbled out the holes.

Here are my 3d "shapelet" pendants

I was pressing down on the bottom half of the leaf one so it would catch the light while scanning. Hence, the warbled effect of the scan.

Oh, yeah... I glazed them with FFF (Future floor finish).

I wanted to use black organza ribbon but didn't have any. Silk cord wouldn't go through the holes, so I glued a piece of plastic tubing to the back of the leaf one. I thought it might be pretty to paint a ribbon with matching Lumieres.

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Very pretty Lia! They are gorgeous and came out great. You are very creative and ingeneous. -- Michele :0)

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Get outa here......that is too cool. That's a new one one me and I love new ones.
Fine job and thanks for showing it.
Splain a bit.....did the peanut actually melt inside when you baked it? You said something about the water melting it and seeping out.


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Lia- What a great project!!! Hmmmm...I think you're luring me away from my bookmaking & back to my clay, LOL! They remind me of the lentil beads from a recent PCPolyzine.
Maybe a light heat setting with the heat gun would keep the paint from smudging? I only have some Createx & Luna Lights...wonder if they would work?
That Kato clay is stiffer than Sculpey, so maybe it doesn't flex as easily to make a "puff".
Great idea about painting a matching ribbon. I am seeing a lot of organza ribbon for necklaces...such a pretty effect.
Dagnabbit :-P~~~ ! I just tossed a whole box of cornstarch peanuts the other day after I spilled them all over the laundry room.

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Thanks guys! I don't feel very creative and ingenius; all I can ever do is copy others' ideas. :-/ But I did like that project.

I realized that about the diff between Kato & Sculpey as I was conditioning it. Hey! I thought Kato was supposed to be easier???

Re: the peanut --I almost subsituted a puff of polyfiber. I had to trim the peanut a bit so it wouldn't be too large. The cornstarch peanuts won't melt while the clay is baking, but it will melt when it gets wet. If I hadn't dipped my piece in water, I guess it would have stayed "solid". Or maybe if I had waited till the piece was cured and then dipped before drilling holes. Turned out I didn't use the holes after all, at least not for threading a cord. They did come in handy for the puff of air! :-D And maybe I'll change to ribbon when I find some...
BTW, the scan makes mine look flatter than it looks in real life. The Sculpey site got a better photo.

Oh, I still haven't learned the difference between Luna Lights, Radiant Pearls, Fiesta??? and all that! When you find out if Createx & LLs work, Karen, let us know!

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