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cottonpennyMarch 31, 2012

DH are average in height (me 5'5", him 5'11").

Will we have any problem with a 27" deep hood?

Saw a Liebherr fridge today and I'm in love - but will I be annoyed reaching that top shelf (80" tall)?

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Depends on the height of the hood. A sketch of a side view of the layout with appropriate stick figures and waist bending point will reveal any issues.


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I have a 24" hood that I pulled out 3" for a 27" depth. It's mounted 30" above the surface of the range. I'm the same height as your husband and I haven't bumped my head on the hood yet in almost six months of routine use. While cooking on the front burners, I'm at least a couple of inches off the range, so the hood isn't an issue. When reaching for the rear burners, I'm bent over a little so I'm under the hood, but don't hit it. It's close, but not a problem. If you can, I'd recommend an inch or two higher. But if you can't, I wouldn't recommend anything lower than 30" above the range.

Before installation, I had spec'd for it to be installed at least 32" above the range using 8" rectangular duct. But the contractor used 10" round. I went so far was to order a different transition part for the hood to get back an inch. But after testing it a bit, I decided it wasn't worth the hassle of reinstalling the hood. So far so good. I'm still out $90 because I couldn't return the part, but oh well.

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27" does not normally present issues with head banging, we always recommend 27" depth over 24" due to increased capture area, capture area is king when it comes to a functional hood.

I think you will be fine, we put a 27" depth hood in the cooking school set it at 31" above counter height and to date have not had any issues at all.

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