Now this was a *SMASHING* neckace!

Lia_SCOctober 19, 2002

Did you catch the Carol Duvall episode this week with the polymer clay leaf necklace? Here's the link: Textured Leaf Necklace

Barbara McGuire was wearing one and it looked even more impressive on her than in the pic on hgtv. And looked fairly simple.

Trouble is, I don't have any of those texture sheets and haven't found them locally. The ones I've found online aren't exactly what I want. So I'm wondering what else I could use... This tractor supply place where DH shops has a beautiful old vintage cash register with a great embossed surface, but I don't know how they'd react if I brought in a slab of clay and asked to press against it. LOL!

I thought about anaglyptic wallpaper, but I don't have any of that either...

Any ideas?

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The necklace is beautiful. I haven't used those texture sheets but have seen them online and they weren't cheap. I use things I find around the house and yard for texture. Even other pieces of jewelry (old junkers) would be good to use to add texture to clay. Maybe the Thrift Stores would have some things that have good textures. Hmm.. :0)

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Whoa! I actually got out my clay.
I found a good texture in one of my rubber stamps. It's a leafy pattern I like and I don't know if it'll work for the necklace, but it's great for buttons! :-)
Thanks for the ideas, Roanimare! I do have some junk jewelry I got at the thrift store for just that purpose; I just didn't remember it. Which is why I love the exhange of ideas here. :-)
Now to get a good leaf shaped template for this necklace....

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Hmmm.... I just had a thought: I'm going to go check the bottoms of all my shoes. LOL!

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ohhhh....very pretty!! I must learn how to program my VCR so I don't miss these new shows!!!!
Lia, if you don't have any more appropriate rubber stamps, you can go to the wallpaper store you can take samples out of the books. A few coats of spray sealer ought to help them last a bit longer. Also there are some pretty embossed papers in the scrapbook section of the craft store. Check your thrift store for some of those aluminum serving dishes from the 50's- lots of ornate embossing on them.


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Well... I wasn't up to doing the necklace just yet, since I haven't collected all my textures I need ;-) --but I did some earrings with the rubber stamp I mentioned.
My new earrings
It's been a long time since I wore earrings that big, so I don't know if I'll wear 'em or not...

Great idea about the thrift shop, Karen. Looks like I'm due for a visit there!

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WOWSER! Those earrings are fabulous! Who makes that beautiful stamp? Is your clay colored or did you color the surface?
You need to wear them! That clay is so light you will never know they are on.
(All those big earrings I used to wear in the 80's, it's a wonder my earlobes aren't dragging on my shoulders!)

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Thanks Karen. It's a JudiKins stamp. The clay is silver-colored and I rubbed in black paint after curing. Then rubbed the green on the high spots.
You're right, they are very light. Know what you mean about the earlobes. LOL! Me too!

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Hi Lia -- Your earring are gorgeous! Yes, you've got to show those off. A necklace to match would be beautiful. I'm sure someone you know would enjoy the set as a gift!

It's funny, I look for textures everywhere now! -- Michele

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Great job......these are really detailed and pretty.

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Thanks guys! Actually, I couldn't think of anyone to give them to. Then someone from the saw where I uploaded them there and said she would take them. LOL! Imagine that!

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Congratulations, Lia! I'm not surprised at all. Hmmmm...maybe you have a little cottage industry there?

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Hi Lia -- Your earrings are wonderful and I'm not surprised at all that someone would want them and love them. :0)

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Cottage industry... yeah, giving things away. LOL! This person didn't say she would pay to have them. Now that would be surprising! ROTF!

Roanimare, thanks, and maybe I'll attempt a necklace to match. I'd like to try some different shapes, too. I keep looking at all the possibilities for texture. But I still want some of those texture sheets!

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Oh no -- I think we all thought she wanted to pay for them - that would be the "nice" thing to do - offer to pay, you say - no, no. LOL then she gets them free! You have alot of talent and your work is worth paying for. :) -- Michele

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Those earrings are outstanding!! I really like the wirework detail, so finished looking. It really is the details that count.

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Thank you! I was trying to copy Barbara Mcguire's swirl of wire on them and it's tough when you don't have a "prescription" for how long to cut the wire to begin with. Can you tell I was trying to be stingy? I was using part of my little roll of sterling wire. It was the only kind I had of the right gauge.
A problem with that: The earwires are not sterling and I'm not sure I like combining the metals. I should see if my local bead shop sells sterling earwires... What kind of wire do you use that won't dull with time, besides real silver?
I don't know much about findings and all that...
But I agree the details make a difference!

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