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ess1October 28, 2006

I bought a cute ceramic cat, garage sale so you know it was cheap / but adorable. it has a few chips like the tip of one ear and so on. I used sanded grout to fill in the damaged areas but it keeps rubbing off , what product should I be using that will hold so I can paint the whole thing over?

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Hi, I usually hang out in Garden Junk...just happened to see your post and was intrigued (we're "owned" by 8 cats/kittens).
Best thing I know of to do this type of repair is a product called Water Putty (you can get it at Home Depot, Lowe's and I would guess many other hardware type stores). I am assuming this will be an indoor piece. Water putty is a powder that's sort of a gold/amber color and is mixed with water, then hardens pretty quickly. Mix up an appropriate amount and mold it to the shape desired. When it is totally dry you can paint it with acrylic paint. (depending on the final color you want it might help to add that color to the WP before you add water, then stirr well and add the water).

Now, if it is going outdoors you can use the same product, BUT you have to completely seal the hardened WP before painting with acrylic. I haven't tried to use exterior latex paints or sealer, but the co that makes it says those products will seal it enough for outdoors.


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