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akaLiaSeptember 17, 2002

Hi and WELCOME to copperfish!!

I saw your post about paperclay. Thought I'd start a new thread here.

I found this interesting article: about adding paper pulp to clay slip, which was news to me! Apparently, it can be used in a kind of Raku technique?

Have you looked at for projects and ideas? That's more my speed. LOL! My packet came from Michaels, too.

Hope you enjoy the forums and clay discussions here!

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Hi akaLia !! Thanks for the speedy response. You know what - I did see the paperclay spot on the web and I'll check out the uk one. Thanks. I decided to order some ready-made from Axner pottery so I could really get after it. I want to make some big, big bowls inside a plaster mould. I tend to make lotz of tendrils and leaves and other things that stick out and since they are always breaking off, this clay may be the best thing to ever happen to this mud person !! They say it's the new clay of the 21st. century ! and since I am the queen of cracking, breaking and experimentation, I can hardly wait. I'll keep in touch. Will you ??? It's so much fun to check out this garden web. I just love it.

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copperfish, you are obviously way outta my little ol' league! LOL!
I'd just love to see pics of your work. Your tendrils and leaves and sticking-out things sound great!

I wouldn't know where to begin with such projects using paperclay. There was a beautiful bowl demo'd on Carol Duvall once, using polymer clay. It had grapes and lots of leaves and tendrils. It's definitely on my Wanna-Do list! :-)

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