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vtjonFebruary 7, 2013

I would like feedback on the floor plan that my designer has produced. My wife and I have a one year old and plan to have one more child. I also work from home.

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I like it. It's a solid plan, IMO. You can post the kitchen layout over in the kitchen forum, and they'll probably have some feedback for you. I'm not sure I'd want my microwave where you have it, because I use that most nights when I make dinner, and I wouldn't want people walking through my main work area.

Have you thought about how you'll place your furniture in the family room? With so many doors off the room, it may end up being tighter than you'd like. I think that's the big challenge with this plan-- I would be tempted to use the basement as a playroom in order to free up more of the main level for living space. It would also put more distance between your office and tantrums/obnoxious toys/annoying kid music (I'm home with my kids and I love them, but I wouldn't want to be trying to focus on work with Elmo in the background.) But maybe you don't mind.

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Thanks. I agree the family room is the challenge. We need to play with the furniture layout to see how that will work.

The playroom will also be a (SMALL) guest bedroom. I plan to put a murphy bed in there to accomodate a few times a year that a grandparent stays with us or if one had to ever move in. The basement will not be finished to start. I am not too worried about the noise as my wife works outside of the home and they attend daycare. I am also going to put some additional sound-proofing in my office.

I agree on the kitchen layout. We originally dismissed an over the cooktop microwave/hood but it might be a good idea to consider it again. I will post over on the kitchen forum.

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Make the office into a master bedroom, add a bathroom for the master, and you basically have my first floor plan. Obviously, I like it!

What I'm having a problem with in my plans is that I can't quite figure out how I'll arrange the furniture in the great room -- the problem, in my opinion, is getting the fireplace and a large TV into a good position -- and your great room is a little smaller than mine. I'll be interested to see what advice other people give you 'cause I'm a little stumped myself.

The only concern I have about your specific plan is that your dining room is almost as big as your great room. Is that how you intended to allot your space?

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The proportions of some of the rooms seems really far off. (like the office--it is huge! Do you have clients there regularly?)

I think the master bath/closet/laundry is a creative solution to getting the laundry easily accessible from the Master and the other rooms, but it could be more efficient.

The plan in general feels rather roomy. Did you want this much space (there is room for trimming as needed).

I would have issue with having to go out into the hall, around the stair, through the laundry to get to my closet if my partner were using the toilet...

The far master sink (away from the bedroom) will feel really isolated with a walled linen closet built there. A linen cabinet tower might be a better choice.

And there are very weird (harsh) angles for the entrance to the top, right bedroom in this plan. I'd look for a smoother entrance there.

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Overall, a very nice plan. I have a couple of questions and suggestions. I saw that the kids are not home when you are working in the office, but if there is a remote possibility that you would hire a nanny or wife would decide to stay home after the next child, I would reconsider office placement... Not so much for sound, but those kids will know where you are and want to see you, a lot!

I also think I would swap the master bedroom to where the bath and laundry is now, depending on the privacy treatments you have in mind for the bath, I wouldn't want my bedroom entrance right at the top of the stairs without any vestibule to separate the space visually. If your entrance was behind the stairs, there is room for a small walkway as you entranc.e. also, the kids bedrooms are very generously sized.. Which I like, but make sure you know the measurement of the hall upstairs. I would want at least 4-4.5 feet wide for moving furniture, bags/ toys that scrape walls, erc. Also, consider 3 ft wide doors... It looks like you have room for that. I forgot to look at the mudroom... I may come back with more.

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Yes! Figure out a way to make the mudroom wider. It has lots of sq ft right now, but not very useable. Think about the backpacks, coats, shoes, sports uniforms, etc that will be housed here. I would do a minimum 5' wide even if you have to take the garage out a few feet.

Definitely lay the furniture out in the Family room. I think you will find it very cramped with circulation space to get to the office/playroom and back door.

Also, make the butlers pantry cabinets 2' deep on the bottom on each side. I would also make that area more compact.... 7 ft wide or so, and have more storage where the pantry is marked.

Just my 2 cents:)

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Thank you for all of the feedback. It is very useful.

The office is large and by design as it is one of the driving force behind the build. I like open space as I spend many hours a day there. I have worked for home for over 10 years. My office is currently in the basement and I want to move it main floor so I am not so far away when I work long hours during certain parts of the year. I know this can be a disadvantage with small kids. It is very unlikely that my wife will become a SAHM.

The office size indirectly caused us to have a larger dining room than we wanted since we want the elevation to symmetrical. I plan to talk to designer to see if we can steal some of that space for the mudroom.

I think I need a couple more feet of width in the family room but I will not know for sure until I lay it out. The gas fireplace will be in the corner but I do not want the TV above it (it will be on the playroom wall).

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One thing I see missing is a closet near the front door. You may live in a part of the country where coats, etc. are not essential, but I would still want one. I imagine even with mild weather guests come with umbrellas, light jackets, etc.
Could the left side of the butler pantry be moved over enough to the right that a closet could be built behind it?

Could the master bath be redrawn in such a way that would allow for the toilet to have it's own room? I don't like it being right next to the door to the bedroom.
I also agree with the concern about the door to the master bedroom.

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Have you considered swapping the dining room and family room? I think it might be a better use of the two spaces. The extra square footage would be nice to have in the family room, while in the dining room, it won't make much difference.

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I like it. My only thought is to flip the stairs front to back. Have the stairs go up from the front door, then put the master bedroom door at the top of the stairs (if you can fit it). Then you could put a window seat or reading nook or little play area above the entry, plus your door would be closer to your children's rooms for when you need to see them, and you can place furniture more easily in the front edge of your bedroom. Are you going to finish the basement? If not, then I think this change is especially needed, otherwise guests will stare into an unfinished basement when coming in.

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Thanks for all of the feedback.

I have one design question. We would like a window on the left side of the master bedroom but we don't want to mess up furniture placement. We are considering a transom similar to what is going in the office but does anyone have a design inspiration? I guess it would make the side elevation look better if we matched the transom below in the office.

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Have you ever looked on Houzz.com?
just do a search for master bedroom windows or similar

I will say, do consider how you will cover that window--blinds, rolling shade, etc... Transoms look nice, but are difficult to cover in rooms where you want darkness...

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