china/porcelain - can it be 're- fired'?

saulgoodSeptember 14, 2006

Hello, I have a client right now whose very old toilet is missing the tank lid (this is a two part toilet, the type with the tank and bowl separated by a 6" pipe). Anyway, the fixture is very old, and the porcelain has taken on the crackled look of an old coffee cup -complete with darkened lines where the cracks are. The original tank lid is gone -hauled to the dump - and I've found a replacement that fits, but of course it isn't "aged" like the tank.

My question: assuming we have a good supply of lids of the same make/vintage to play with, would it be possible to re-fire them and attempt to crackle the existing glaze? Could glaze be added?

I was thinking of a raku type of process, if this is possible. Any thoughts? thanks!

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You can refire porcelain, but it must be done very slowly, otherwise it will crack. Speaking of the "crackle" look you want, I'm not sure if you are going to have much luck with that. Generally, there are glazes specifically designed to create that "crackle" effect when fired. But I'd say fire one and see what happens.

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