Ceramic decals....

Tiger_SunnyFlaSeptember 3, 2002

Hi All....good to see a lot of familiar faces here :-)

I have a question about some of the decorative ceramic tiles I have seen. I have worked with ceramics but have no experience(s) with "decals".....

The tiles I've seen...are not hand painted...I'm sure they're a decal of some sort.....are there decals(?)that are fired? These "look" as if they are fired into the tile....???



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Hi Tiger!
You can get decals that fire onto a ceramic piece, or you can get rub-on and water-slip decals that do not get fired.
Most commercial tiles or ceramic knobs at a home store are machine applied decals- way cheaper & faster than hand-painting. The local ceramic shop should also have a stock of decals that you can choose from to create a hand-painted look. An example might be a tea set or a set of ornaments, where they all would have to match.
I have used the water-slip decals with success to decorate tiles that do not get heavy wear or soiling. And after 2 years, no sign of yellowing (yet!)


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Thanx so much Karen...I thought they were fired on! My friend's looking into making trays with the tiles on the bottom...so they would get lots of wear. She's looking into ways to do the tiles herself, as she's buying them now for $10ea (8X8) tile...I told her there HAS to be a cheaper way....LOL!!
Have any insite as to making these yourself...don't suppose you can print them out with the ol' bubble jet printer...hehehehe!
If you come across any more info, would you let me know? Hard to find ceramic shops around here lately....

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You can get real nice results with the Lazertran paper. It is more expensive than other papers but a higher quality. Could do well on a tray if it had some good sealer on it. You must photocopy the image on rather than use the inkjet.
If she is wanting to put photos on tiles, I'd go with the Lazertran. Otherwise I'd consider hand-painting or stenciling with the Pebeo oven fire paints. If I was buying the tray as a craft item, I'd rather have a hand-painted image than a clip art decal.


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Thanx for all the imput, "Artsy"..I know what you mean about handpaint VS clipArt :-)

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Hi, I get my decals from this company, they are great!!! If your sister only need a few, she can look at these and then order them from a local ceramic shop.


Here is a link that might be useful: Decals

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If you want a simple design or just flowers & leaves, why don't you hand paint and fire them. It's easy and fun. Also, no one else will have the same thing.

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