Standard shower door width?

lgiltmierMarch 3, 2008

We're taking a standard 3'x4' shower and extending it out to make a custom-size neo-angle shower. There will be partial walls on both sides of the door. We'll be building one new wall to do this. Is there a standard width for a shower door? Trying to decide exactly where the new wall should go and how wide it will be.


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not sure about neo angle, but when I checked for my 36 x 45 shower...28 inches was standard glass size. Anything else was custom.

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I measured my tiny 3 x 3 shower's framed shower door. The door itself is about 32 in. wide. The frame on each side means the opening is a little smaller than that. I had to have a shower door replaced once and the impression I got was that they would make it whatever size we needed (this was just a cheap framed door of course). Glass is easy to cut of course, but my understanding is that tempered glass can't be cut so I don't know how it works. I guess I didn't help you very much. I had been expecting to use a 30 inch door in our remodeled 5.5 x 4.5 foot shower, but now I wonder.

- Jim

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'Standard' will vary by supplier, but most of the glass shops I have looked into offer up 26 to 32 in 2 inch increments as their standard sizes. If you shop around a bit, you should be able to find these sizes easily.


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