ceramic buisness

pondaholicSeptember 1, 2005

We bought a ceramic buisness and have just now started firing. Does anyone here do ceramics and have some suggestions on which molds to buy and what slip recipe they use? Firing tips? We would like to eventually make this our day job. We also aquired a lot of glazes with this purchase and we prefer to use stains and painting, is there anything we could do with the glazes? We are talking lots of glazes. Thanks Norma

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Hi Norma... I wish you the best of luck with your new business.

You prefer stains and paint over glazes? Do you fire the pieces after they're stained and painted? Just curious. I've only used glaze.

This isn't a very active board... I'm always hoping a few experts will drop in to answer the posted questions.

You'll probably figure it all out within the first few weeks of working with the supplies you've purchased.

Hmmmmm...... then YOU will be the expert this forum needs :)

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Norma, I don't make it into this board very often so you may have already figured out what to do with the glazes. You could try running an ad to see if anyone wanted to purchase them. I would just call a school to see if I could donate them if I were you.

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Hi, Norma: I am a hobby ceramics person and I only use paints and glazes that can be fired. That said, the couple that own the business that I buy my greenware from get most of their business from the local schools and colleges.

You might want to invite some of the craft teachers over to see what you have already in the way of molds. Have a bisque sample ready for them to see. My friends get orders for 50 of this and 100 of that when the teachers call them each year. It would be a good steady outlet for you but you would have to charge a price they could afford.

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