Kathy_in_DelawareSeptember 30, 2002

Hi all, Im a newbie poster here although Ive lurked for a long time, I never could share anything because Im new to polymer clay.However tonight while fiddling with some clay I discovered a neat way to make rosebuds. Take 3 strands of clay and braid them, Snip off a small section and wind it around its self,,, ta dah a really cute simple rose.

Now I just have to figure out what Im going to do with them lol.


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Hi......glad to have ya. Make up a bunch of roses and bake them. Keep in jar for when a project comes cards or bows on gift wrapping. They also look good glued to handheld mirrors.

I have never made roses this way so will definitely try it.


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Welcome, Kathy!
Are you able to share pictures of your rosebuds? I'm more a visual learner (grin) and not sure I understand how you do this.
I assume you could make them any size? I made some pins to look like little still-life paintings with viney-twiney roses curling around the frame (idea from a magazine --not mine). Little rosebuds like you describe would be perfect for that.
I'll link a picture of my pins. The cat one has a bit too much Pearl Ex on the leaves! :-\

Here is a link that might be useful: Still-life pins

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