Jeanne's First Ever Full Tablescape...Yippee, Levi & Billy

jeannespinesFebruary 20, 2010

Ok, most of my day has been trying stuff for my first tablescape...and, of course, since I opened my big mouth about Billy, the Kid being a distant relative to my DH, (cause Lynn posted about Abe Lincoln being a relative)...and then OA jumped on the stagecoach finding that "Levi S" b'day is next week, so I decided I had to contribute!

This is my dining table and also my first tablescape on this forum:

I used one set of my everyday dishes because they are very plain & heavy & seemed to work better than anything else.

Here's a closer view of the centerpc on one end of the table. I used a favorite denim vest for the covering (has lots of blue lace on Mom bought it for me when she was a Winter Texan many yrs. ago)and the brown cowboy hat is DH's from his younger days:

Everything here I scourged from my home... the old tray is for a birdhouse roof project..the horseshoe also...and 2 horseshoes hooked tog is a puzzle game from downstairs...the jar with the horseheads is called something special (I forget) but it's the center bowl to a pipe holder which holds the tobacco... many, many yrs ago my DH smoked a pipe...

The Remington book purchased while vacationing ... the oil lamp from the mantle downstairs in family room...

This little cowgirl is me...I re-printed it today from a scanned print & put in an old matt...remember so long ago when the b&w's were printed with white scalloped edges...this pic is old (like me, I guess)...but I love it! The brass toy horse is from my DH's childhood...all the GK's have played with it for years!

Just for fun, I used my software & printed one of these in "antique":

You can see that "barbed wire" cactus ... that's a gift from's going on a barn door or a birdhse..I have to decide!

Here's one more showing the place setting a little napkins (I tried several of mine & didn't like them...even sewed a pantleg of some old jeans! LOL!) So, ended up with my dishtowels. Water glasses removed from table, too. But, note that cute little glass boot...all jeweled up, that's from my DH's bar downstairs & we bought that in Germany back when we were first married & in the's a shot glass.

Ok, I've written a story...I got HOOKED! Thanks for the ideas & lookin'! Jeanne S.

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You did a great job, J..I love the cute..
I don't know, I don't have too much cowboy stuff..beach yes! But I am thinking.
I couldn't match this..the dishes are just perfect!
So far I found one thing I can use! LOL..

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It's classic, simply classic. I smiled widely as I read where each piece came from. What a great tablescape. Levi and Billy couldn't ask for more. And neither could the gals on this forum.

I never realized that you were a "virgin" Forum tablescaper.
Well, I discovered it too late to tease you about it.

You did a great job grouping all the items. Very balanced. It's a pleasing vignette that is viewed as a single piece of art, but at the same time, your eye catches sight of each piece individually. And, of course, the information you included makes it very heart-warming as well. Your were a very cute Dale Evans!

What on earth took you so long to share your tablescaping talent?

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Terrific job, Jeanne! I just love that old photo of you, and the boot is so cute, and you thought of all the details!

Were you sewing the pantleg to use as a napkin or 'utensil holder'? and what happened to it? :) How would it look to make placemats from the back end of old jeans? or at least use old pockets on plain denim placements to hold the utensils. lol!

The closest thing I have to "cowboy stuff" is a genuine mexican sombrero and a fat calico cat who I sometimes refer to as 'cowgirl' (her splotches remind me of a cow. ;^)

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Great job, Jeanne! Altho not surprising considering the wonderful vignettes you put together! Love the photo of you as a little cowgirl, the lantern, the vest as backdrop (great idea), and all the rusty things! Very nice arrangement.

I've been racking my brain to think of any western things I still have and in spite of living in the backwoods as a former rancher/horse owner I don't think I have enough to put together a 'scape in honor of Billy or Levi - altho I'm sure glad ol' Levi "invented" jeans!

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Jeanne 'Kudos' to you on a great First Tablescape!!
Your everyday dishes fit so well with this theme.
That picture of you is darling and goes so well with all your great 'Western' accessories.
I've got similiar things I've been gathering together.
It think this is so fun to see what everyone does for these tables.
Love yours.


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Oh Jeanne, how WONDERFUL. I love your cowboy table. And you sure brought back a ton of memories!! I have a similar photo of myself somewhere, and had one of the little horses like your DHs. Horseshoes and barb-wire were part of my past life too, LOL.
And how neat to see the barb-wire cactus used. Luvs and I were at the antique mall here when I spied it and knew it was meant for you that year on our GJ exchange thing.
The heavy dishes are just perfect, and great use of the denim vest. I love it all. Great job. Looks like you're a "natural" for this table-setting stuff.
I bet ol' Billy is galloping around and hollaring YIPPEE!

hugs, Karen

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OMGosh - are those dishes Galaxy Wheatstone? Those were my wedding dishes and I have one of the dinner plates next to me right now.

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Jeanne, what a FABULOUS job you did!!
I cannot even begin to pick a favorite part but the aging of the photo you did with your software is absolutly perfect for this occasion. Brings it all out so well.

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What a great vignette on the table! I love it when stand-alone vignettes are used for "centerpieces" like you did. You have put together all those wonderful mementos like a real pro!

Just like a number of others, you have inspired me to wonder "what do I have to do a cowboy table?" I don't have any pictures of myself as cowgirl (that picture is adorable), but I DO have a picture of my grandmother in 1908 standing on a railroad track in Moab, Utah, pointing a gun. That might be a start! I'm going to work on it. I hope it turns out half as good as yours is!

- Magpie

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Jeanne, I'm so impressed with your first tablescape. It turned out great like everyone else has stated. I love your cute little picture of you and how you displayed all of it.

You are hooked and we will continue to enjoy seeing more from you, I'm sure. So happy you came through with a wonderful show for all to enjoy. I Love It All!


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Absolutely wonderful!!
As others have said, now you're hooked!!

I love the variety of items you used...they tie together so well.



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Ahhh, thanks everyone! This was fun & even more fun to hear back from you all! Appreciate your "sweet" comments *blush*

The cowgirl pic was in 1950 (turned 4 yrs. old) in our backyard...I was a "town girl" and a "tomboy." (like purplemoon!) MiloM...yes, it is fun to mess with photo software...I love it & then can pick & choose what ya want to print!

PM...the jean legs I sewed were to be napkins placed on top of the dinnerplate & then saucer & bowl on top of it...but it didn't seem to look quite right! LOL! So I thought of dishtowels & thought, well, back in them days, one would just use it for a napkin!

Unlike some of you, I did not do well with horses...usually got thrown off or fell off...on the few occassions I tried to ride at cousins' farm. Then raising our family on an acreage, my DH took care of that phase with ponies for our kids...he knew how to ride 'em! LOL!

Cheeky...yes, those dishes are GALAXY...I bought a whole set several yrs. ago at a consignment shop & have loved them...cause they are so chips in those babies! Bet your's have held up the same!

ValleyMP...that pic of your GM in 1908 (with gun) sounds like a winner!...use it! Great conversation pc!

I'm leaving the tablescape up a few days as I'm going to get DH to have a meal at the table with me...we are "recliner diners!" So, thanks for the inspiration on this forum...I am learning so much! Jeanne S.

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luv ya,
Billy the Kid

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LOL, purplemoon! Luv it!

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I'm late to your party, Jeanne (I've been down with another cold and bronchitis this time) but I have to tell you that your first table is a total winner! Heck, it would be a winner even if it was your 200th table . . . you're a natural! I love everything about it, but my very favorite is the darling framed photo of you as a little cowgirl. THAT makes the table IMHO! I love how you've used a book in your tablescape and the brass horse and horseshoes, too.

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Thanks, lynn! Never too late!! Hope you get back to feeling like yourself soon! That's the pits! Just posted on OA's Levi/Billy 'scape...and it's awesome! This is fun! Levi's b'day is 26th there may be more to come! Jeanne S.

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