42' vs 48' KitchenAid SxS

MardoMarch 6, 2012

We've decided to go with KAid SxX fridge and originally planned for 42". DH is a "go big or go home" kinda guy and is gently pushing to go for 48" now. It's only a matter of a few extra hundred dollars, but the extra 6" will now decrease size of upper and lower cabinets next to fridge. Is 6" of fridge worth 6" of storage/beautiful cabinetry, or vice versa? It's only DH and I living in the house.

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We bought the 48" Jenn-air about 5 years ago.

In fact I designed the whole kitchen around that fridge.
We were tired of stuff always being crammed into our old, but fairly large GE, and when some eggs fell out of it and "decorated" the floor, that was when we decided to remodel the kitchen.

At first I was considering the 42" but after looking at both we went with the 48" built in and have never regretted it. Plenty of both freezer and fridge space.

Any Yes, there are just 2 of us.


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We have a 48 KA Side by side. It is probably about 15 years old now and still going strong. There are just the two of us and both the refrigerator and freezer are full (granted we have some unique freezer needs -- berries from the garden and suet for the birds among other things).

I am always amazed seeing kitchens with huge ranges and little refrigerators. We have just the reverse -- a 30 inch range and a 48 inch refrigerator/freezer. Works for us.

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Mom has 42" KA and tells me practically everyday that they should have gone with the 48". I think the depth of those built in fridges is less than a counter depth fridge. Yes, it is worth it to lose 6" of counter/cabinet space for the bigger fridge.

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We have the 48" and glad to have it. Just the two of us, but we manage to keep it full and need it especially if putting on a big dinner.

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We have a 42" KA built-in SxS. Had we gone with the 48" which we did very briefly consider, we'd have lost valuable (much needed) cabinet space along that wall. I wanted a 6 burner range, so that was non-negotiable. It's just DH and I in our home.

Once thing that made the 42" vs a 48" a viable option, was the fact that we held onto our old SxS fridge (it's now in our garage), so can use it for overflow when/as needed. Otherwise, the 42" is plenty big enough for our day-to-day needs.

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