Non-electric air Venting in bathroom

cube1067March 25, 2013

I want to add a natural air vent to my bathroom and I need ideas on who to contract to do this.

Basically, I want a hole cut into the bathroom wall that leads to the outside, and an attractive venting mechanism placed in the hole. Something small that I can close and open at will.

In Paris, the window of my B&B had a "dial" type thing built into the upper panes...kind of like the top of a grated cheese shaker. You twist it to open it up and let air in, then twist it back to the closed position. The open position was no bugs. Genius. But I cannot find that type of window here....I only have one window in my small bath and I like the view, so no glass block with vents.

Who does this type of thing?

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I don't know where you would get a manual damper.

Fantech makes a through the wall 4' or 6' exhaust fan - it's quite cause the motor is on the outside. Connect it to a digital timer switch 5 / 10 / 15/ minute push button.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fantech Through The Wall Fan

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With a small opening to the outside (with the room's doors closed), you're likely to get little or no air movement. And if there is movement, it's as likely to come in as go out, which doesn't serve to exhaust anything.

Modern bathroom venting uses exhaust fans for good reason.

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In NYC many bathrooms are vented by passive vents that go up through the roof and work by updraft and a turbine-like vent cap on the roof. However they are basically "on" all the time and you would have to have some kind of damper to shut it off,--and, I would imagine it sucks heated air right out of the house.

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