Polymer clay soap dishes?

jamie_mtAugust 28, 2003

Wow, I just posted on the craft forum, and then saw this link at the top of that site. Cool forum - you guys/gals should know the answer to this!

I make melt & pour soap, and I've been looking for an easy way to make soap dishes to sell with my soap. I need ridges or bumps in the bottom of the dishes (glycerin soap shouldn't sit in water), so I read about polymer clays, and I'm wondering if I could use Fimo or Sculpy to make some simple soap dishes out of. Do any of you know if these clays would work for that, if I waterproofed them with a varnish of some sort?

Any comments would be very helpful, as I haven't worked with the polymer clay before...and I need to know if I can't use it for that too. :-)


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I had a poly clay dis in my bathroom for a while, with no bad effects.
I think you're right, it should probably be glazed. You could use Future floor finish or the Flecto varathane everyone uses. I think someone mentioned a boat varnish that would be good for waterproofing too.

FWIW, I would use something other than the Sculpey III since it tends to be brittle and break easily after baking.

Best wishes!

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