Teegan's surprise

PurplemoonFebruary 16, 2012

I feel awful for not posting this a lot sooner. One of Teegan's sweet friends here sent her the cutest outfit to wear for Valentine's. Jeans and top covered with little hearts! I put it right on her, then didn't get her photo taken to share with everyone. I especially want the special gal, who is going by the name "Anonymous", to see how cute Teegan looks in it.

And luckily for T., I am a champion packrat. I was going thru an old chest of drawers and discovered a tiny pair of baby tennis shoes that once were on a stuffed animal and I'd kept them for absolutely no reason. Now I found the reason years and years later. LOL. Tho she hated to take off her bunny slippers, she loves the tennies too.

hugs, Karen (and Thank You again, dear lady)

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That is the sweetest little outfit on Teegan and
it fits her perfectly! Don't you feel good when something you've saved and you don't know why...one day comes in handy? Those little slippers were just the right thing to save! lol

As far as "Anonymous" goes...they have a heart of 'Gold' to surprise you and Teegan like that!
That's what I love about this place....


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Oh gosh, Teegan is a cute lil' Valentine w/her teeny bopper jeans & heart tee! Darling! And those tennies just match her outfit! Bye, Bye, bunny slippers! ;-)
Nice outfit, 'Anonymous' ...definitely a 'picker-upper!
TFS, PM! Jeanne S.

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She looks darling. I love the tennies. Anonymous is a very special friend.

Love how Teegan has her own special bunny.

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Karen, Teegan looks so grown up in her Valentine outfit. It's adorable and your special friend 'Anonymous' has great taste!

So glad you shared her and your little tennis shoes you found are so cute on her. Some times it pays to be a packrat. It won't be long and it will be bunny slipper season.


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What a sweet little outfit! I especially love the little hearts all over the jeans. What a special and timely gift from your sweet friend. Luvs

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Teegan looks so cute in her new outfit!
It's neat that the little shoes you saved just fit.
She looks like such a 'big girl' in it.
What a thoughtful friend Anonymous is.

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Marlene Kindred

She looks so cute...ready to play! Love her little shoes too...what a sweet gift!

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Oh Karen, she looks so cute. Nothing wrong with being a pack rat. Looks like it came in handy, those shoes are a sure match. Lucky Teegan, she has a good Mommy.
Somebody must love you and Teegan. Hearts look good on her.


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