DIY heated floors - install question

slowdowntohurryupMarch 1, 2012

looking to buy the necessary materials for installing a Suntouch or equivalent brand of radiant floor mat. what all do I need in general to related to the actual heated mat system (not the tile install components).

I've been told that I can get by with just the mats and the thermostat - but I think it can't be that simple.

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Look online for the instructions. Generally you need to run a dedicated 20A circuit with a single-gang box to install the thermostat, then need an ohmmeter to measure resistance b4, during and after install, if drywall is already up you will need fish tape or stiff wire (and a drill) to pull the lead wires from mat up to thermostat box.

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so from that --- sounds like the mats and the thermostat are all i need --- i'll bing google and see what yahoo I can find out

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It is that simple. I've installed both of the systems in my two bathrooms.

I used Nuheat branded kits, and used the cables not the mats. Just easier to work around odd shaped corner showers etc.

Just the mat/cables and the thermostat. Follow the instructions, make sure you have the required electrical available to connect the thermostat too and you're set.

You must wait for the thinset to fully cure before turning on the heat. 4 weeks.

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Hey Tim, I installed Nuheat in a straight run between range and sink, planned on putting it in master bath but lots of angles to get around tub, vanity, and through door into shower/WC room. Sounds like cable might be better. How much more does the cable add to floor height (mat is only 1/8"), does it go down the same day or do you need to use leveler over cable and wait to set tile?

Is cable and "clamps" (or whatever they call the strips they're looped through that are attached to your subfloor) less $ than mats? I was looking at $1000 for 3 standard mats (and the farthest one would need extra long leads to get back to Tstat), was going to have to get quote on custom mat. Cable sure sounds easier if it doesn't require leveling!

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