How to make carved appliques

rushaheartAugust 26, 2003

Hi All,

I love those carved appliques that you can attach to furniture and other items to make them look cottage shabby. My problem is the cost of just one piece of those!!!

Does anyone know how to create your own and what did you use to make them? The ones Ive seen on Ebay are a cast there another way to make them?



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If you can find something similar and make a mold from polymer clay....bake it and you will have a mold to make bunches. But you do have to find a pattern for that first one. First you have to carry a ball of polymer clay around with you (lightly brushed with baby powder)......LOL.....Check in thrift stores, etc and when you see a swirl or design that you like on furniture or flower pot or whatever, press the clay on that portion. Carefully take the clay home and bake it. You can also use Durham's Wood Putty (home depot).....if you have a mold like a candy or candle mold you can mix this powder with water, pour it in the mold and after it sets, pop it out. So if you see a swirl or pattern you like in candy molds that will work.

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You can also use spackle & a stencil. Lay the stencil down & put the spackle inside. Take a butter knife or even a credit card & go over it to smooth it out. Then slowly remove the stenci & you should have a design. Good luck.

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