Old Kiln: Need manual or help

NashoniiAugust 25, 2012

I found this kiln at an estate sale for $25.oo and couldn't walk away. I can't find a manual for it on line anywhere. It has no dial or gauge on it...you just plug in the two 110 volt plugs, (one for the top half and the other on the bottom.) Does anyone know how to slowly heat it up and cool it down? Which do you plug in first? ANY information would be helpful, but a manual would be wonderful. It's so old we can't even find it!

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1st: have it checked by a competent electrician who can calculate current draw for the elements and check that the elements are not broken.
2nd: have same electrician tell you if your existing wiring can safely deliver the required current.
3rd: have same electrician tell you if the top and bottom half are indeed electrically separate. If so they are either on or off. temperature control will be difficult though it would be possible to make a switch box that will run both elements in series. that would result in half power setting.
That is how most older kilns acheived a low/high power setting.

If it checks out ok with your electrician and you want to fire it as is, you'll have to use the plugs as switches. Run the bottom element for 15 min then of for 5. Do this until the temp gets close to 200f and try to hold that for an hour or 2. After that plug in top and bottom and keep an eye on it.

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