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sheryl_lJuly 5, 2006

I posted this on the Stained Glass/Mosaics board, then realized that this might be the board that I needed to post on. I apologize for the overlap...

I am VERY new to any kind of ceramic/mosaic/stained glass arts. I have done some mosaic using tile, but that is about as far as my expertise (and I use that term lightly!) goes. I know a gentleman who is thinking of selling his commercial grade kiln. He made pottery scent pots for candle stores for several years. I know absolutely NOTHING about kilns. Nor do I know what brand or model his kiln is. All I know is, I've seen it and it is BIG! I am really interested in doing some custom ceramic tiles and fusing glass. My first question is: Will one kiln do both? Or will I need to focus my creative endeavors into one or the other? I obviously can't afford 2 kilns! I will not be seeing him for a couple of weeks, and would also like to know what kind of information I need to get from him in order to make an informed offer if I decide to try to buy it. He is one of those wheeler-dealer types, who won't give me a price, just a "How much are you willing to pay?" kind of bartering. I don't barter well, so this is a big challenge for me! I appreciate any input you may give me on this, as I feel like I am flying blind. :-)


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This is probably too late to help you make your decision, but if your still thinking of buying a kiln, contact me by email and I'll try and help. Monica

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