OT-Who's in the monster storm?

yachter123February 1, 2011

I'm south of Chicago, we've had white-out conditions since this started about 2 p.m. CT.

Took my dh & ds almost 3 hours to get home, usually takes them 45 mins. and they are saying this is just the beginning, the worst is coming overnite!

Saying it may break record set back in 1967 of 23 inches, but don't know how they'll measure it cause it's all blowing with 30 to 40 mile an hour winds.

So far, wireless internet is holding!!!

If you don't hear from me later, you'll know we lost internet service.

Anyone else in the monster storm??

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Me too! I am just west of Kansas City, kinda the west end of the storm. Blizzard conditions all day, 40 mile an hour winds. Then the temp is supposed to go way down. Wind chill will be 20 below tomorrow morning. All our utilities and cable are underground, so I hope that means continued lights, etc. I'll be going to school in June at this rate!


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It is too cold here to snow very much. We were -12 last night and it is supposed to go to -21 tonight! We have had light snow, but it is very dry snow and hasn't amounted to more than a few inches.
Remember when I wrote that it was 71 last Friday and I was playing golf? Well, that sure changed in a hurry!! LOL

Stay warm,

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We're smack in the middle of it at the moment. Apparently there are two back-to-back snowstorms. The first started up here yesterday afternoon. We're in the mountains between Santa Fe and Albuquerque and it was beautiful here . . . then:

It snowed on and off all night and today. The snow is very light, fluffy and dry here and almost feels like fake snow, which makes it easy to shovel, at least. So far we have about 6". The wind has picked up and the temps continue to drop. It's 11-degrees here now. DD's school was cancelled today, as were most of them. Those that didn't took the students home at noon because the roads were getting worse instead of better. They're pretty bad everywhere.Very icy. The news tonight said that some places in New Mexico are 52-degrees colder than they were yesterday! NM is NOT Arizona, BTW; we have four distinct seasons. They're just USUALLY milder than Back East. Our local nightly news is saying the second storm has just arrived and will last through most of tomorrow.
I just took this pic from my dining room window. I'd show you the mountains or mesa's but visibility is bad now and you can't see them:

Right now, I'm just saying lots of prayers that DH gets back home here safely. His office is about 24 miles from here. I've made homemade Coq Au Vin for a nice, cozy dinner tonight.

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Lynn, I can't even get any pictures, it's blowing so much, that nothing is sticking yet, don't know how they'll know if we beat the Chicago storm of '67, how do you measure blowing snow?

Hard to believe you're getting it that bad in NM!!!

Candy, -21 is more than I could handle no matter how much warm clothing I put on! It's bad enough here, in the 20's with 30-40 mile an hour winds.

Pat you are so lucky your utilities are underground, the icing can snap the power lines and with it this cold, no one can be without heat!

There is a map that shows this storm is still pulling up moisture from the Gulf at this hour.

Here is a link that might be useful: MAP

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Marlene Kindred

You ladies be safe and those of us who aren't in the monster storm(s) are thinking about you and sending some prayers your way!

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It's cold here at 7 but it's going below zero tonight. We aren't having any blizzards right now so that's great. This storm is horrible. We can hear some popping as the temp is falling fast!

Yachter and Pat, sounds like your weather is horrible. Stay home and safe if you can. I hate it when I'm out on those kind of roads.

Candy, we get alot of the same weather as CO here in MT. However we haven't seen 71 since early last fall. They are predicting the same lows with the wind chill here.

Lynn, hope DH makes it home ok. Your weather looks like what we had last Sunday.

Your meal, homemade Coq Au Vin sounds great! What is that? I made tator tot casserole for dinner and it's in the oven. We will have a tossed gr salad with it.

Stay safe and this too shall pass.


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Looks like we might get lucky on this one and just get rain. We had freezing fog this morn and the schools were on a 2 hr delay. They have missed so much time already that they have had school on 2 Saturdays and have already forfited the spring/Easter break and it is looking like it will be up in June before they get out, They even start about 3 weeks earlier, mid Aug to compensate for snow days and they have been gone for some time. I feel for all you girls, we certainly have our share of snow and below zero wind temps here in the NC mountains.Stay safe and warm, Janet

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Sure hope all of you are stocked up on food and have a backup heat source just in case it's needed. Also hope you can stay in and be safe until the roads all get cleared. Luvs

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It's here in NE IA, too. Windy today but winds picked up tonight ... gusting to 45mph...can hear the howling while sitting here at my computer in back room. We're expecting about 8" more of snow tonight/tomorrow...everything's been cancelled...no schools today or tomorrow...it's a tough one but some places further from us are expected to get 20"...ugh!

Birds were at the feeders almost all day today... DH re-filled them...it's Winter! Pics from snowy day yesterday. Take care everyone...stay home if you can...that's one of benefits I like about retirement. Jeanne S.

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We're here in New England...and have been under 'Red Alert' since yesterday. We've had snow each week since Dec - w/no thaws in between. A big one last week - 27" still around w/ice underneath that has no place to go. Today more snow.. however, the 'Big Monster'...is yet to come ! We've been alerted that tomorrow, CT will be hit with an Ice Storm and to expect power outage. We have the extra food/water stored...however, they haven't been able to deliver oil to us and that's a HUGE problem..we're down to 1/4 tank. DH was on the phone this morning with the oil company... the truck hasn't been able to come down the driveway - over 150' and steep...all the snow is piled on either side making it impossible. The house is lower than the road, and the tank is to the rear of the house.
DH & I shoveled a path 200' on the side to the back.. to make way for the driver to bring down the hose...but the problem is how does he get the hose down from the truk..and will it be long enough. They told us they might have to do an emergency delivery of a few gallons in small oil cans. If it were just DH & I we'd manage..but we have the kids here..and it makes it harder in case we run out of fuel...also fear of bursting pipes.
I guess it's like they say ..'When It Rains..It Pours'..or in our case - Snows!

Hope you all are keeping safe and warm..and if you can, in bad areas... stay off the roads.


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Jane, that is the worst worry, is heating your home when a storm like this hits. Your area has been hit so hard already, I surely can't complain about this one that we are getting.

I hope you can get an emergency delivery at least til they can get the truck to you.

No one can be without heat in these temps & yes, you have to keep your pipes from bursting.

Our snow has slowed down, I think they over-estimated once again for us, we probably got alot more than it looks like cause of all the blowing that went on for hours. Now that has stopped & just light snow, but I have huge drifts in my front yard & deck, will try to get pics in the daylight tomorrow.

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Jeanne, Just love those bird pics! Keep them coming, it's the "bright spot" in all this white!


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Jeanne, I always LOVE your gorgeous bird photos! Please keep sharing them with us. I keep going back to look at them; they're that wonderful!
Jane: I hope they come up with a solution to get you some oil quickly. Shoveling all that snow was a LOT of work! I hope you all can rest up a bit now.
Yachter: yes, that wind is awful, isn't it? I couldn't measure our snow yesterday as the wind was too strong and was blowing it here, too. Stay safe and warm!
Janet: OMG, that's a lot of missed school days! I just told DD about your kids in the area having to go to school on Saurdays. She got this look of pure horror on her face ;^D
Punk: Coq au Vin is a French chicken stew made with red wine, broth, bacon, onions, garlic, tomatoes, herbs, (some add carrots) and mushrooms. It's really an easy dish to make. It just cooks a long time and the sauce becomes very rich and concentrated. I serve mine over orzo with a tray of cheeses, apples, pears and pecans to nibble on.

Here, the temps are now below zero and still dropping, but no new snow here since last night. Just down the mountain a bit, though, they got more overnight. Schools are closed everywhere today and government and businesses are on 2-3 hour delays. DH got home safely last night and just called to say that he'd gotten back to the office safely this morning, but that the roads were bad still all the way there. (Sigh!) I have to hand it to the guy, as he always thinks of his patients first. No golf for him this afternoon, though ;^D

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Jeanne, I love your bird pics too!!!

I'm in the center of NY state and we seem to have gotten what was predicted for us. The roads were just AWFUL here yesterday and lots of things closed or shut down early. All schools and gov't agencies were pre-closed for today in anticipation of worse conditions. We were told to work from home (I am/will! I am in the computer business, naturally). Anyway, there is no traffic here. It's weird.

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I'm on the south end...
Snow, sleet and below zero wind chill..brrrrr
It was 13 degrees this morning at 7:00, with 25 MPH wind.
I feel badly for all of you folks though. I only live 6 minutes from my work, so I have it easy. DH has been my chauffeur for the past couple of days, in the truck. My car is skittish on icey streets!
We have a big fireplace for back up heat, but we are only having rolling electrical outages of 15 to 20 minutes. Our main heat source is gas, but has to have electricity to start it and of course the fan is electric.
Ms. Slink, I'm prayin' that the oil company found a solution....that is a horror story!!
Everybody be careful and stay safe.

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Hope everyone is safe (& warm) this morning! We have SUNSHINE this morn & DH is out blowing snow!

Lynninnm...so happy to see your post that DH made it home safely & bk to office this morn...bless him.

jane...good thoughts coming your way...praying that the electric & heat lasted for you all...horrible storm.

party, jay, punk, yachter, candy...anyone who has to drive to work ... be careful...ice or snow, not fun for anywhere!

Thanks, holiday-ers, for the lovely comments on bird pics...God's beautiful gifts of nature even in the cold, nasty storms...here's a couple more & I've added by PBkt link at the bottom for 2010 & pics this yr so far. Love watching them & taking pics!

Feeder hanging from arbor out LR windows...sharing feed:

Kind of a diff pic here...got this female Cardinal flying in at the arbor:

Stay safe, warm ...even those of you in "good weather"...Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeannespines Birds 2010

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Oh goodness, Jane! All that scooping snow and still not sure they will be able to fill the tank! Sure hope they come up with a solution for you quickly so you can stop worrying.

I'll bet there will be lots of soup and chili cooked during these cold snowy days! I heard that the groundhog did NOT see his shadow so hopefully Spring will be here quickly!

Take care all of you, those icy roads are so scary--do stay in if you possibly can.

Jeanne, your bird pictures are wonderful. I'm so glad you put food out for them too.


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Still waiting for oil delivery, but with the ice storm here, no one is venturing out our way. We're keeping the heat low and wearing extra layers. Hopefully we can squeak by till they come.
Jeanne I always love seeing your bird pics. We have a few feeders out and enjoy watching, but the darn squirrels want to take over.

For all of you experiencing this terrible weather..
Yachter, Jay, Punk, Jeanne, Janet..PM..ladypat..please stay safe and don't venture out if you don't have to.

Luvs...I made a big pot of stew last night with fresh baked bread..everyone woofed it down - lol..great comfort food!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes.


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I'm in the middle of Missouri, and we've been blasted with over 20" of very dry, cold blowing snow. Not sure how they measure, but many of the drifts around our home are 3-4 feet deep. However, today the sun is shining, it is 10 degrees, and our drive has been plowed, so now we can get out through the garage, as all other doors are blocked. We have a 30" drift on our covered front porch. Beautiful to look at, but so dangerous. Almost every single thing is closed here, including universities, colleges, major employers, major shopping venues, doctor's offices and clinics, and of course all schools and other activities. Essential services such as hospitals, law enforcement and power plants are operating, but even toe trucks are stuck and off the roads. It's quite a deal. Stay safe everyone, which of course, includes WARM!

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No more snow here today. I guess the storm has finally passed, although the local news stations are still milking it for all it's worth! I had to take our huge rolling trash can out to the road this morning. It was below zero with a steady wind. Our drive is something like 280 feet long, and dips up and down as you go. It's tough on good days, but today I almost froze! I took Ronin (my dobie) with me, as he never got a walk yesterday when it was snowing and blowing so hard all day. We walked down two houses and had to turn back, as I couldn't talk, my face was so cold! This is not a nice storm!
Jane, I'm hoping you don't run out of oil before they can deliver some. We have radiant heat floors and adobe walls and it's still too cold in here! Thank goodness we bought an electric space heater at Costco last month. I've had it going all day and carry it from room to room with me.
Stay safe and warm everybody!

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Same as Jane, here. We have had 2 ft or more of snow on the ground since the 26th of Dec. Too cold to melt, so it keeps piling up.
I am so sick of snow, and snow pics. I want to see Spring!
We lost power in the last storm, that is the pits, no heat!
Some are on wells here, so no water either.

And it's only Feb! :(

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So glad to hear from so many here today. The internet pictures are frightening.

Jane, did you get any oil yet? Can you use your fireplace to keep warm if you don't get any fuel for awhile? I'll bet your back is going to hurt so bad after all that shoveling. You need a 4 wheeler or little tractor before you hurt yourselves bad.

Lynn, thanks for enlightening me on your Coq au Vin. Sounds yummy. Hope DH makes it back home sage tonight. Sorry to hear your radiant heat isn't keeping you warm.
We built a Super Good Cents Home and this is when it pays off. It's so nice and warm.
I feel so helpless with so many of you dealing with this terrible weather. We are at zero but the roads are pretty good so that's worth alot. And tomorrow is Thursday so we only have to days before we can stay home for a couple days.

Karenmo, you have a wonderful sense of humor. I'm not sure what I would be saying if we had 20" of snow with 3-4' drifts. Glad to hear you can at least get out through the garage to shovel out all your doors for safety.

Jeanne, wonderful pictures of your birds. I think you should open the door and let them come in and warm up! That's a great shot of the female flying in.

Luvs, hope you are feeling better today and thankful you live in CA.

J, so glad DH can chauffeur you on these roads. My DH goes 2 hrs before I do and drives a county truck so I can't ride with him. I drive a truck so it's been good so far this winter. I can handle the cold but when the wind blows it's terrible.

Sorry to hear of your outages. 15 to 20 minutes seems like hours when we're waiting.



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Wow - just read through all this - my thoughts and prayers go out to all you caught up in this mega snowstorm. In years past these were things you just saw on the news but now with the internet and forums like this it becomes much closer to home. I pray each and everyone of you gets your oil, groceries, meds, stays warm and free from any injury, ect. I am in the SE so didn't experience anything from this storm. We have had some wicked ice in past years so can identify with some of the problems. I just could not take the cold so moved from the snow and cold 10 years ago when my late husband and I retired. Stay safe and stay WARM .....


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Here's a little poem someone sent me that you just insert your state in the blanks. I think most of us qualify by now.

It's winter in __________ And the gentle breezes blow
Seventy miles an hour
At five below.
Oh, how I love ____________
When the snow's up to your butt
You take a breath of winter
And your nose gets frozen shut.
The weather here is wonderful
So I guess I'll hang around
I could never leave _______ Cuz I'm frozen to the ground!

I love good poetry, don't you?


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LOL, Pat! That's a good one!

We were in the deep freeze last night -16 but that just means there's room for improvement...we got out today...snowplow has opened our country roads & life is good. Didn't lose power ...so am hoping ALL of you that experienced this STORM are now safe & getting dug out! Kudos to all those who brave these winds & cold to get us back to "normal!" Jeanne S.

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Thanks Pat. I will send it out in an email for others to enjoy.

Jeanne, glad your plowed out but your weather is still to cold for comfort. It warmed up to 25 here so we are lucky.


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