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dragon9206July 16, 2007

Hello everyone!

I have been on garden web many times, but somehow I missed this section of the forums! I thought I would drop a message and see what everyone is up to.

I am a polymer clay jewelry artist, and I use a lot of organic elements in my jewelry. In fact, for any Fuchsia enthusiasts out there on Page 4 in my gallery I have a pair of Fuchsia earrings! Drop by and see me and my work. Any input, questions, comments, or advice that anyone might have is always appreciated!



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Heather - your jewelry is awesome beyond words !!! Faux clay stones peaked my interest - they are unbelievably gorgeous and look so real ! I bought tons of scuply - books and all the toys to start doing it - but I'm kinda afraid to start ! After seeing all these beautiful poly clay things - I'm kinda intimidated . Do you do art fairs ? How long have you been doing it ? HOw did you learn ? Nosey me - sorry ! LOL This forum has a few cobwebs on it ( slow ) but I'll check back to see your reply.

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Just happen to be passing by here.

I also make jewelry, but have never like anything I did in Polymer Clay. But, your jewelry designs are incredibly beautiful.

I sold my beaded jewelry at the Renaissance Festivals. Your designs would sale very well there.

I still like to play with Polymer.

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Hi toomuchglass
I am so sorry for taking so long to respond! I never got an e-mail from garden web telling me that I had a response post, and then I kind of forgot about this post. Thank you so much for your compliment! To answer your questions (don't worry, I love answering questions) I havent done any fairs. I dont really have the money to do any of the ones in my area right now, but I would like to someday. Don't be intimidated about clay. Everyone starts somewhere, and it takes time and some practice to get really great results. I have been working with polymer clay for maybe 8 years? I picked it up when I was a kid, after play dough lost its appeal. LOL! I learned to clay when my mom gave me some blocks to play with, and I just experimented to see what I could make. I also have several books on claying. Its hard to go too wrong with polymer clay, and even if you are unhappy with a result, you can always use the ugly clay a 'mud' clay. You use 'mud' clay as a base and then you cover it with better looking stuff if you are making something big or chunky. If you haven't already run across polymer clay central, go check it out. I hang out at their forum there a lot, and the people there are so nice, and so helpful. If you have any question no matter how small, ask it there, and there will be someone to answer it. You are more than welcome to e-mail me from my site if you have any questions as well. :) Here is the link for the Polymer Clay Central Message boards. Good luck! Sorry again for not responding for so long.


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Hi happy-go-lucky-gayle!
Thank you so much for your compliments! I have never done any shows or festivals. There is a summer fair in my town, but you have to apply, be accepted and then have a tent and the booth fee and all that. Unfortunately right now I don't have the extra money for that right now. I hope to to that in the near future though, I think it would be a lot of fun. Thanks again for the post and checking out my site! Have a great day!


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Thanks for the Link!

You can click on the above photo and go to my Jewelry Designs

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Heather- I think your jewelry is fabulous! I am a mosaic artist and came over from the Stained Glass & Mosaic forum to try to find some of you that make tiles from polymer clay that I could incorporate into my mosaics. I particularly like the copper clay items you have on page three in your gallery. Have you ever done any tiles? You do such beautiful work.
Thank you , Carol

Here is a link that might be useful: Some of my work

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Thanks so much Carol! I looked through your Flickr, your things are incredible! I love your back splash, thatÂs fabulous! What ever gave you the idea?
I havenÂt ever made tiles in polymer clay. I am always open to custom orders if you ever wanted something like that. If you have never worked with polymer clay, its really easy to work with. When cured it isnÂt as hard as ceramic tile, it is more like a plastic. It can be cured in any regular home oven. I have seen people use it in mosaics though.

Since I first posted this thread, I have opened a shop at Etsy. (A venue for all things handmade) If you would like to see my shop there, and look through all the other shops there this is the link: http://www.stokesgalleries.etsy.com
This is the Etsy home page: http://www.etsy.com/

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