Can I fire polymer clay with metal?

askalJuly 1, 2008

Hi guys,

I've never worked with earthenware outside of supervised high school art class so I'm really dumbfounded here and appreciate your expertise.

My cat passed recently and my family got her paw-print indented in polymer clay to serve as a memento. I was thinking of putting her metal nametag (steel, I believe) in the clay. I recall my teacher warned us against firing pottery with metal since it would shatter from the temperature difference but that was with really high temperatures in a big intimidating kiln; the instructions for the pawprint kit says we only need to fire it at 275 degrees fahrenheit. Is there a way I can safely inset the metal nametag?

Thanks for your time!

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When you talk of firing are you talking about putting it in the oven? or a kiln? Polymer clay goes into your regular oven. The metal nametag, might not stick to well, but after you do the piece the way you want it, with the metal in it, you could always use E-6000 glue, that will hold it in place.

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earthenware and polymer clay are completely different things. Polymer clay isn't fired, it's just baked at low temperature in a regular oven. It's not actually clay either, it's made of resins and plasticizers Polymer. clay will do fine with the metal. As ladonna stated it may not stick to the clay, but can easily be glued after baking. I think this sounds like a lovely way to commemorate your kitty.

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