mica shift technique Purse --on Carol

akaLiaJune 14, 2002

Did anyone catch this episode? Boy, I really like this Lisa Pavelka! She made the mica shift look do-able, and I've had nothing but lousy luck with my experiments.

GREAT-looking purses! But I couldn't believe they didn't make this project searchable with the words "mica shift" since that's what it featured.

And wouldn't you know, I don't just happen to have one of those purse frames in my closet and never find anything like that in the thrift shops. :-/ AS IF I could make one like that! LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: http://hgtv.com/HGTV/project/0,1158,CRHO_project_34986,00.html

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BTW, for the mica shift (and other techniques) you need a really sharp blade. Seems the Nu-Blades I've bought recently have dulled really quickly. Is it them or me? Anyone else had this problem? Know of a better blade or source for them?

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I just love mica shift! All I have is Donna Kato's blades & they seem fine. But I only use them for tissue-thin slicing like mokume gane or canes. For thicker slicing, like cutting up blocks of clay or cutting sheets into pieces, I use those replacement "snap-off" blades and wallpaper scraper blades. They are cheaper and it does not matter if they are not so sharp for that type of work.

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