What can I use to paint glazed ceramic?

Belle724June 29, 2005

I want to change the color or a glazed ceramic pot. What kind of paint can I use that will stick?

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Here are two that I have used:
'pebeo' Porcelaine, it is made for china, terra cotta etc and is baked in a regular oven and it adhears well. I have used it over glazes;
The second one, Createx airbrush colors, if the surface has a light color and is not smooth. This ends up being transparent and only changes the color already there.
I bought both at Michaels. I am guessing you can do a search and find out where else they are available.

I have never used them over a large area. I am a sculptor and have used them to add accents or change a small color area without re-firing the whole piece.

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zenpotter, would these materials stand up to use in a wet environment, say in a bathroom as a tub and shower surround? Or should they be kept in dry environments? Thanks.

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I've researched for myself, so don't worry--the pebeo looks like a good possibility, even though there don't seem to be as many colors as the Createx...but definitely something to experiment with!

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I have done this on glazed ceramic pieces. I get some fine grit sandpaper and
rough up the glazed surface. Then I paint over it with regular ceramic
paint which needs to be fired in a kiln. I refire the piece and it has

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FlyLeft, sorry I hadn't looked at the forum for quite awhile. I have never used them in a wet place. I have only used them for a touch up on a sculptural piece that I didn't want to refire. The Porcelaine says it is dishwasher safe. I wouldn't start off with a big project like a tub surround.

Are you planning on buying already fired tiles and adding to them? Have you tried talking to someone at one of the paint it yourself ceramic places? They may be able to answer your question. Or experiment by painting some tiles and run them through the dishwasher several times.

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What I have done in the past is to spray the item with Krylon porcelain finish. Then you can paint it with regular Michaels paints. After the paints are really dry, spray again with the matte glaze mentioned above. If you want a high gloss, you can spray the matte glaze with high gloss.

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Try Delta Glass Paint. My wife has used it with good results. No heating required. It's affordable, durable, available at Michael's. One thing - it's not food safe.

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To paint ceramics do you use some kind of small spray gun ? please help

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Go to this website for an easy method of painting over glazed pots.


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There is a product called spray stone .Krylon and Valspar both make a version of it. I have used the Krylon and it will stick to absolutely anything , even glass. It has a textured matte finish and comes in quite a few colors. If you wanted to cover chips, cracks, embossing or raised designs or even a noticeable repair job, this is the product to use. If you want a different color or a gloss finish, just paint over the spray stone as paint adheres well to it. It is a very durable finish and you do not need to prep the surface. Costs under five dollars a can and covers a lot of area.

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