Advantium120 Oven Calibration

jd1368March 2, 2013

My Advantium is runs about 45F lower than programmed temp.

Service was just here and they called GE. They said that is normal because actual oven temp should be 25F lower than programmed due to "convection baking offset", and from there +/- 25F error is in "spec". There is no temp calibration on the Advantium120 apparently.

Does this sound right? To me it doesn't.

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You didn't say how you know the oven is running about 45F below what you programmed. Are you using a good quality thermometer?

The owner's manual says: "Auto Recipe Convert: Auto recipe conversion reduces the convection baking temperature automatically by 25úF when turned ON. You still input the recipe temperature and the oven control
does the rest. To change the setting, press the OPTIONS pad and turn the
dial to AUTO RECIPE CONVERT. Press the dial to enter. Turn the dial to
change the setting to ON or OFF. Press the dial to enter."

What happens if you try changing that setting?

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Thanks for the info. The temperature 45 low was confirmed by the service techs thermocouple.

I checked the settings like you suggest and indeed auto convert was on. The service tech (third party) did not know about it.

So with the 25 down from convert I am still about 25 low. However the tech says that is within the spec (+/- 25F) of the oven.

I can live with that, just adjust by recipes accordingly.

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