Speaking of Inspiration

rosie_gaJune 14, 2002

check this out........just ran across it. Check out the clay.


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Oh, how I love this 'zine! But I have to read it at work cause my pokey little connection can't handle it too well here at home. Very cool picture frames!
Geesh, you are distracting me...I need to log off NOW and get ready for my collage class tomorrow, not wallow in poly clay, lol!

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I have been the last two hours at this site and connecting links. WOW.......Also found out there was a C. Hellmuth workshop that was held about 30 miles from me in February. Go figure........I know now.
I too, want to take some collage classes. I need some direction.

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I like that site, too. LIke the PolyClay ezine I forget to visit places like that unless y'all remind me (or I get otherwise sucked in by the computer. LOL!)

Rosie, I found out last summer that Sherrill Kahn had been within an hour of me for a class just a few weeks before I read about it on her site. :-( I think I would go thru h*ll and high water (and get over my insecurities) to take one of her classes.

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I had emailed the lady locally and she added me to her list and said that Sharliyn Miller would be here in Sept. Don't know her but will find out.

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