The Oscars at the Brown Derby

oldalgebraFebruary 23, 2011

Here's a table (well, really an area) for the 83rd Academy Awards.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oscar Table

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OA...I Totally LOVE what you did !
DH and I are old Movie Buffs - with (TCM) our Favorite Station! I must say, you really outdid yourself here.
This is a such a fun setting. I love how you set up your bar area by covering your stools with the black fabric and adding the names. The B&W photos you printed out (LOVE) and how clever to mount them over your existing photos. Great movie paraphernalia on your shelf. The Sakura Dinner Plates and Star Dishes and stems are the perfect 'Bling' for your table. I love the clever-clever Trophies ..and the cute little 'derby hats' for napkins!!
Once again OA - another very creative & fun table, and I loved it all.

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Jane has said it all for me! Love this table and so happy you are the new owner of a Lazer Jet Printer. Looks like you had a ball with it already.

Did you already have the trophies or how did you find them? I have alot of stock car and bowling ones out in the shed but would of never thought to use them to decorated with. Your so creative.


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OA...did you Pass GO Collect $200! (after jail time)
I hope so! Your new printer carciatures are WONDERFUL!

Like Jane, I am lovin' do I make one of those "pursed lips of approval" sounds???? Anyway, I'm making it!

Pics...picture perfect! (ingenious idea to just tape over the glass!

Movie paraphernalia...says it all & esp that it frames your huge movie theatre screen (with exclusive film footage)for the evening!!

Director chairs...royal treatment while watching the Oscars! (another ingenious idea plus cutting out all those letters!)

Placesettings..."stars," Oscars, top hats, & even S&P shakers! WOW!

Ok, I LOVE it all! TFS, OA! Jeanne S.

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We are old movie lovers too. My husband insists that movies started going downhill when they began to make them in color!

I think this is the second season for the trophies. I have a bunch of littler ones, but they don't look as much like the actual Oscar.
We used to give some pretty big Oscar Parties, but haven't done so in years and years. Still, I have all the junk I used back then. The only new items are the chair toppers.
Oh, I "discovered" the little plastic top hats in the storage box marked "Oscar," but they were still in the cellophane wrapper. I can't remember ever getting them.

Glad you like the caricatures. Once I put the table settings together, I just couldn't think how to make it look significantly different from the one I did last year. It looked so plain. . . . Then I bought the printer and I became obsessed looking for images on the internet. Fun, fun, fun.

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Isn't technology wonderful, you are sure off to a great start with the new printer. I love this area of your home, looks like the sports theme has been banished for the big night. All your little touches are perfect: the hats, the Oscars, but the real stand-outs are the prints. Oscar parties sound like alot of fun, but none of our friends go to current movies now that we have DVDs, we're not even sure of what was nominated this year.

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Such a fun, fun Oscar tribute, OA. It captures the essence of the Oscars perfectly. I can see the celebrities, in their glamorous attire, coming in to enjoy your party.
I love your caricatures. You are so clever!

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OA, I tried to print some pictures with my Lazerjet and it doesn't want to work with me. Will print everything else I try. Guess I'm not suppose to jump in today. May set a table w/o a theme.LOL It's 1.1 out so no desire to leave home.

So glad you used your trophies again. When it warms up I will go out and take another look at all of ours. Might work for a "Days of Thunder" ts next year. Wow, I'm thinking my 4 truck loads I took to TBN last year may have been a HUGE mistake! I went back and bought 2 sets of glasses I had donated. The gal still laughs about that.


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OA...I just watched that Lucy segment you posted! That is terrific! Was fun to see the Brown Derby ...& your t'scape certainly fits the role! Everything is just so "crisp"...the B&W is so cool! So, enjoy! Jeanne S.

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You printer is a lazerjet and mine's a laser. I bet that means it is in between an inkjet and a laser. What do you think? I can't imagine it won't work though. Try sending the pictures to yourself first. Then printing those out.

You actually bought something back? I love it!

Brrrrr. It's even cold here in Southern California. Lots of rain too. Not like you temperatures though.

I do love vintage TV and movies. I remember laughing myself silly when I was a kid watching Lucy. I even like the old radio programs. Only the Shadow knows!

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slinkey all just sparked some wonderful memories!
I loved the episodes when Lucy went to Hollywood ...and was at the Brown Derby..staring at William Holden...also
loved the one with her and Jon Wayne!
OA...sorry to Hijack your post...but as far as 'The Shadow Knows' you remember >>>
Big John & Sparky and their theme song?
See below :


Here is a link that might be useful: Big Jon & Sparky

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What a cute clever way to do an Oscar theme - love it all. Old Classic movie lover here also. As the saying goes 'They don't make them like they use to' As for Lucy - never missed a show and still watch them off and on on TVLand. They never get old. TFS ......


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Gosh, I commented on your blog but guess I forgot to come back here to comment as well. All these gals have pretty much said it all--you did a fantastic job on this one. Love the way you covered the pictures and sports items on the shelf--talk about "setting the stage". Your chair covers are perfect and the star dishes as well. I really can't believe you found those cute salt/pepper shakers! Really fun and a super great job on it all. ;o)


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