CandyWAJune 27, 2004

Hellllllloooooooo Hellllllooooo Hellloooo helllo oooooo

Yep, there's definitely an echo in here. Big giant empty room with nobody but me in it.

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Hi, Candy, I actually was just browsing - haven't worked with clay for years. Just felt sorry for you just talking to yourself. What are you making?

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Maybe it's because I talk to myself that nobody else dared enter this room LOL

I've been making vases (kiln fired). They're fun, I just roll the clay out like you would for cookies... then cut a big rectangle, decorate it with clay flowers, birds, etc.... I even sculpted a nude on one. Stand it up and smooth the seam. Very simple yet very elegant.

I love clay because you can make impressions into it... lace, stamps, whatever.... and you end up with something awesome even if you don't have the ability to sculpt.

Hearty Clay is another favorite. I make big roses that look real. I add live foliage to the vase and nobody would ever guess it's not a real bouquet of flowers.

What do you do now that you don't do clay?

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Hi Candy,
It's me again, I guess the big ceramic craze died down. I used to teach ceramics in the 70's when there were ceramic studios on every block.
I have been thinking of doing a few things just have to find a studio in my area.
Sounds like you are having fun playing with clay, nice hobby.

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Hey Candy, I am curious about you vases, they sound beautiful. Would you happen to have a pic? Also, what do you do with the roses you make from the hearty clay?
Inquiring minds want to know lol

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Kathy, I do have a picture but I'm on a Mac so I don't know how to post one here. I'll e-mail it to you.

I make bouquets of Hearty Clay roses and then I add live foliage in order to add to the reality. I love bouquets in every room.
I like adding my fake roses to bouquets I pick out of my garden... that way I don't have to pick so many.

Stella, do you have a kiln? I have a big Cress kiln but don't know how to operate it so I take my clay pieces to a local ceramics shop for firing. One of these days I'll run into somebody who can guide me through my first firing. In the meantime I just love making the clay vases.

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Here is Candys Stunning Roses

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Candy I posted your vase picture in the gallery for you.
Once more, beautiful!

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Kathy... that was sooooo nice of you! I was unable to view the picture you posted (probably cuz I'm on a Mac) but I sure do appreciate you for doing it.

Thank you...


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