Do I need a glaze?

Ruby_RedJune 4, 2002

Saw a cute project I thought I'd try. It's for making polymer clay pins. I plan on making some ornaments along the same line, just a bit larger in size. The instructions call for a polymer clay glaze as a final step for the pins. Do I need to glaze the ornaments as well? Or would a spray poly finish work as well. I have several that I use for my wood crafts, could I use any of these on clay? Thanks for your help.

By the way, the project was on the Michael's site, under projects - Americana Stars.

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Can use Future floor wax as a glaze. Makes item really shine and is quite durable.

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I *think* you have to be careful about spray sealers. Something about the propellants breaking down the clay...

I haven't looked at the project; do they recommend a glaze to give the item a shine? I personally like a matte finish most of the time. But I finished a Sculpey project the other day and it chipped when I put a jump ring through... I was wondering if a sealer would help with that. I think Sculpey is just naturally brittle....

Sorry I'm not much help! Just be careful about the sprays; and show us your stars if you can!

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I'd go with the Future to be safe and it is inexpensive, too, in comparison to tiny bottles of craft store glaze. It bonds well with the clay and adds a nice shine. If you work with wood you might have some Flecto Varathane Diamond Finish which is also good. Things like spray varnishes or clear nail polish get a reaction with the clay and become sticky over time.
Sealer does not really help with breakage. Sculpey is the weakest & most brittle of the clays. Try gluing the chipped piece back on with Sobo glue, then rebaking to fuse the glue to the clay.

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Thanks for the tips. Good to know that my wood spray sealers wouldn't work before I tried using them. Hate to just about finish a project and ruin it with the last step. Though I've done that a few times already. :o( I'll try to post pics if I can figure out how to and how to use my new camera. Haven't tried it yet. So much to learn and so little time. LOL
Thanks again.

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