Sales Tax on rental equipment! - California

mikeyvonFebruary 29, 2008

Just wondering if you guys pay sales tax on rental equipment. We just returned our scaffolding and had to pay sales tax. We argued with them but they made us pay it. Funny thing is we did not pay sales tax on the forklift we rented.

What are your experiences?

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I occasionally rent a 1-1/2 yard pull behind mixer where they mix up the concrete at their yard, you pull and pour out your project, clean it and return. They charge tax for the mixer and tax again for the concrete. Figure that one out...I cant!

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Ron Natalie

Rentals get taxed here. In California it appears that whether tax needs to be collected from the renter depends on whether the owner paid tax on it when they purchased it for rental use. If they paid tax on it, they don't need to collect tax on the rental. If they exempted out of paying the tax, they must collect it.

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Rentals get taxed here in SC, too.

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It appears more and more states are changing to the model of taxing not only goods, but services too. Ohio, for example, charges sales tax on leases, rentals, home repairs, car washes, landscape services, employment placement, janitorial services, fitness clubs, haircuts, dry cleaning, warranties and service contracts, just to name a few. Michigan just followed suit and is doing the same. I know Indiana and Kentucky did so a couple of years back.

I think it's their way of having us taxpayers pay for poor budgeting, but I digress ...

I'm waiting for them to enforce sales tax on internet sales. That will get a lot of people really mad.

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Does anyone have any information on sales tax on rental equipment in Idaho? I am getting married in Washington and I am using a rental service in Idaho and they are charging me sales tax.

1) Does said tax apply to rental equipment?

2) Does sales tax apply to people outside of the state?

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