A Challenge!... for the Academy Awards Feb 27, 2011(pic heavy)

jeannespinesFebruary 15, 2011

I'm brain-storming! (for a t'scape!) & challenging you "holiday-ers" to do the same!

Coming Soon: 83rd Academy Awards

The ceremony will take place on February 27, 2011, at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California.

When my Dad died some time ago, my Mom gave me 12 "Gone with the Wind" plates that they had collected on their travels in later yrs. I was so pleased to get them & that started my addiction/collection of GWTW! I loved that movie ..I don't know when I first saw it as the book was published in 1936 and in 1939 the movie won 10 Academy Awards! (not born yet!) I loved the book & wrote a paper on it during my college yrs.

Since we've been talking collections, here's part of my GWTW (which I do not collect anymore exceptHallmark ornaments:

Full view of the 6 plates I have displayed at a time in spare bedroom:

Here's a baker's rack I bought used & repainted over 10 yrs ago:

Top couple shelves w/GWTW collections:

Music box of Scarlett & Mammy:

Hallmark ornaments I've collected over the yrs:

A shadowbox my DH built for me from a frame & I did a print of my Mom & Dad on a clear sheet, lined w/satin, scanned their marriage license & have a fav ring of Dad's & Mom's gold band:

The Southern Belle is a cookie jar & holds doilies. The glass lamp we bought at DH's parent's estate sale.

As a kid, I knew that ALL MOVIESTARS lived in CA! LOL! This blue lady figurine was passed on to me by my G'ma's sister who lived in Placerville, CA...my Mom brought it bk to me as a memorial...oh, boy, when she visited Iowa, she'd always bring out the make-up & we'd get painted fingernails & lipstick when I was a little girl! HOLLYWOOD!!!

This same shelf has a chest of doilies & such...& my books w/some pics of GWTW, postcards, memorablia.

Ok, I've rattled on...hope you've enjoyed the journey of "Gone with the Wind" & challenge you to a t'scape for the Academy Awards ...Feb. 27th! Jeanne S....

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You have some really nice things in that collection. My favorite is the Scarlett and Mammy music box. I think your Academy Awards idea is a good one... for me to view.I am just not into V day or St Pats' or much of anything lately. Just hanging on for spring! :) But I bet OA will come up with something good!


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You know you can count on me.

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Jeanne, What a wonderful collection!!
You must have felt like a movie star when your aunt came to visit.
My DD just told me I should do a HARVEY table... NOT!!

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Oh Wow Jeanne...you have an amazing collection of beautiful GWTW memorabilia. I love how you have them displayed on your Bakers Rack...I think if I were a guest in that room...I'd be having a ball fantasizing.
I was a little girl when a neighbor took me to see it...
(made way before I was born)..but I remember what an impression it made on me and my playing 'Scarlett' in front of the mirror all the time lol
The Shadow Box your DH made is a lovely memento of your parents..I love that.
I think I'll sit back and watch what everyone comes up with..I know it will be fun...and with OA 'OnBoard'...'Fasten Your Seat Belts...Its Going To Be A Bumpy Night' !!


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Jeanne, wonderful display. The plate holders are so cool. Where did you come up with these? Your plates are beautiful hanging on them.

I loved seeing your collection and reading all about it. Don't know what I will be doing Feb. 27th but you know I will be checking for posts here.LOL


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Jeanne - Your collection is displayed beautifully. I love it. Best of all is your memories. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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Oh Jeanne, as Scarlett would say I'm pea green with envy. Being from the South, I've always adored Gone with the Wind. Your collection is wonderful and the plates are displayed so nicely. I'll have to give it some thought about a tablescape. Hmmmmmm.....

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Thanks, Holiday-ers!

nana...I'm chuckling over "Harvey"...I remember it well from kids high school play... Elwood P. Dowd & his invisible rabbit!

Looking forward to your creativity, OA! ...& frou, knowing your froufrou will be perfect for anything to do w/Scarlett...if it works out for you.

After I re-read the book back in early 90's & was gifted the plates from Mom, I really enjoyed finding more memorablia of GWTW...watching the movie on VHS(then) & amazing technology for the time. (way before I was born, too, jane! LOL!) It's a lo-o-ng movie! 3 hrs+

So, the 83rd Academy Awards, is like a holiday!! Thanks for commentin'/joinin' in on the fun! Jeanne S.

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darn, punk...I missed you! The plate racks I found 2 of some yrs back in a specialty store in the mall...thought they looked very "GWTW"-ey! That store was closing & so they called another store about 70 mi away & I drove there & got the 3rd one...3 plater.

Hope you can join in, too...any time in Feb. is good! (for me, anyway!) LOL! Enjoy your t'scapes so much! Thanks! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, your post brought back some memories for me too. When we went to buy our first VHS player, the salesman chatted with us about all the movies we could watch and when he found out I love GWTW, he sealed the deal by throwing in a free tape of that movie! LOL

Love your plates and the plate holders as well as all your great figurines. You did such a nice job on the picture of your Mom and Dad in that frame. You are very talented and it's so great that you find ways to use your skills to make treasures of your special momentos.


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Bump it up! Okay Jeanne, I'm bumping this up. I'm working feverishly on my Oscar table. I hope everyone is up to the challenge. I think this is a fun idea and post. Although I love "Gone With The Wind" I'm picking a very different movie (it's a big Oscar winner). Show us your "Oscar" winning entry! Mine won 7!

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I started working on mine today too. I'm doing a general theme? Is that OK?

Long ago we used to have lots of people over for the Oscars. This time, just the family.

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I'm getting some stuff tog today, too! Found a perfect t'cloth today at Kohl's on clearance & then had my 30% off coupon...it's the colors I was leanin' toward using! So...more brainstorming! Anything goes, OA & Frou!...hope some others will join in! LOL!

I so want to do a SPring table!!! Rain, then snow...so maybe it will be nicer soon! Been putting away more "winter" stuff! 1st day of Spring, March 20th! (looking forward to March next wk) Jeanne S.

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I'm ready to go. Should I post the table here, wait for you to start a new posting?

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Don't wait for me, OA! I'm slow (alot of the time!) Go for it!...start a new one. Always LOVE seeing your creations on your BLOG! Jeanne S.

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love your collection of GWTW plates and other things. It is my all time favorite movie - just watched it a couple weeks ago on TCM for the umpteenth time - I think I have the complete dialog memorized. I sit watching it all by myself and recite entire scenes to myself - hubby thinks I am certified :D I am looking forward to seeing all the different tablescapes .....


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What a great collection, J! I loved Doll Baby all gussied up in the curtains, LOL
Sorry, I didn't see this , I have been sick and just getting back on my feet

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