noisy new ge cafe french door 25.1 cu ft

cparlfMarch 12, 2013

If anyone has a GE Cafe french door refrigerator, could you help me? We just bought a new GE Cafe 25.1 cu ft french door refrigerator. Love the look, love the interior (well, not a lot of room for tall things but I think this is common with all FD models?), but this unit makes a LOUD whirring noise I can hear 50 feet away. It stops when I open the door. It originates from inside, top left area near the rear side raised fan vent.

Say the word "were" out loud, and hold the "ere" sound. Make it a bit raspy and you have the sound. It is on seemingly all the time, not just when the compressor cycles etc.

Two Ge reps, one just this morning told me it is normal and GE will not do anything because this is a normal sound. It is supposedly the sound of the refrigerant flowing back. Really?

I've never spent so much on a fridge, and I've never had this loud of a unit. Other noises are all really quiet and expected, like ice machine etc.

Would you please listen to yours and let me know? I'm all ears.......thanks!

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Bad customer service on GE's part. They should trouble shoot with you. Make a tape, or download the decimal recording app on your smart phone and report it back to them. Don't take their "no" for an answer as yet. This doesn't sound right. GE should do better if they want our business.

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Fridges make noise - they are not quiet.

New fridges , especially those with variable speed (efficient) compressors make a different sound than your last fridge or the one your momma had.

You may not like the noise, or find it louder than your last model/brand - but that doesn't make it abnormal for a particular model.

Even if you choose to disagree with me or simply cannot stand the sounds the unit makes - you are not going to get a new fridge from GE.

Your choice is to live with it -or- sell it and get another brand. Be sure it comes with a $$$ back guarantee so you can try it in your kitchen to see if it passes your sound test.

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I used a GE cafe FD fridge for a year in our temporary house during your whole house reno. I hated the thing. The noise was so bad that it bothered me quite a distance away in the family room where we spent our evenings. I don't know from where the noise emanated. I just know I couldn't wait to get away from it. I also discovered my intense dislike for French door fridges when using that one.

Sorry you're dealing with this!

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That is ridiculous that GE tells you that the noise is "normal" without even looking at the refrigerator. They need to send someone out to look at it. My KA makes a variety of different noises, but it also remains completely quiet for long periods of time. My last fridge was a GE. I complained about excessive noise when it was new and they sent a service tech out ... he said it was normal. The noise continued and I called again. The second guy determined that there was something wrong with the evaporative fan. It was replaced and the noise stopped. If you feel that the noise is excessive and constant, call and insist that they send someone out. Customer service cannot diagnose the problem over the phone.

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My Electrolux CD FD also makes more noise than my old fridge (a 8 year old GE), but it's not horrible, and the manuel tells you that how you know it's working efficiently ;) Ridiculous. But I love it, and it is silent at times. I think I'd go nuts if it was louder. I'd go through GE again.

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Set aside 2 hours and take that back plenum/shroud off around the evap fan, which is what is probably making that noise. You may find something loose, or ice around the fan or some other [maybe legit] reason for the noise.
Waiting for GE might only yield gray hair. Take responsibility for your own situation and see if you can fix it yourself.

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I have a GE Adora French Door 29cu.ft. refrigerator. I read mixed reviews about it being loud before I bought it. I don't think it is loud at all. My refrigerator is in a wood cabinet enclosure that covers the sides all the way to the door hinges. Maybe this makes it slightly quieter. There are some pops and other noises that it makes occasionally but not too often and it isn't in any way too anoying. It does run most of the time so there is always a hum when it is running but nothing too bad. I think my couch is about 20 feet away from the refrigerator. I can hear the refrigerator if the tv isn't on but unfortunately that is rarely is the case in our house. The refrigerator is quieter than any microwave or exhaust fan on low that I have seen. It controls temp perfectly although it took 2 days to get the temperature stable when it was first plugged in. The real issue I have is with the icemaker on the door. Half the time the ice gets stuck behind the door and I end up lifting the door to the chute manually. I still need to call for service to see if they can fix it. It seems like the door should open farther than it does. I can open it wider by hand than it does automatically.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

You "just bought," like how long ago? I'd call the appliance company and tell them you want to return it for something else.

We have a Frigidaire that periodically makes terrible noise, and an appliance dude (that we are on a fix it program with) comes out and fixes it. I'll NEVER buy another Frigidaire! We are looking at a french door counter depth, and it will be either Samsung or Kitchen Aid.

Good luck! Noisy appliances suck!

The killer is, we're keeping the old Frigidaire for extra storage in the garage where only the rats will hear the noise!! The new sweet noiseless one will go into the kitchen.


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Huh, feel like I'm going to jinx myself here, but my Cafe FD doesn't make that noise. Every once in a while I notice sound when the ice is doing its thing, but nothing like what you're experiencing. That would make me crazy, and I'm sure that I would have noted anything like that. Have used the unit since December 2010.

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We had the same fault and quite a few other issues with ours as well the problem is we are based in london uk and it has turned out to be difficult to get anyone capable to fix ot even wants to touch this machine in that ge no longer operate in the uk, in the end after endless emails they finally gave me the contact details of a service company in the london area agsrefrigeration they came out and the problem has been fixed however i will not be purchasing one of these appliances again.

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Consumer Reports rates refrigerators on noise level. Depending on the model it might be excellent or average. When we bought new fridge with our last remodel selected for low noise. My LG LFX25950 is relatively quiet, and much quieter than its predecessor. It is a French door bottom freezer that has a fan that circulates air around the interior to keep the temperature even top to bottom. That fan will shut off when the doors open and kick back on when doors are closed. You may have a fan that serves a similar function.

There are free decibel meters you can load onto your smartphone. They probably aren't terribly accurate but you can calibrate it and quantify for a service tech how much noise is being generated. That might help with diagnosis (e.g., normal noise for model, or something's wrong).

Let me know the model #. If it's rated by Consumer Reports I can give you the info.

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I just installed a GE Cafe refrigerator (mine is model# CYE23TSDSS), and the noise is driving me crazy. This might be the same noise that the OP is referring to. It's much louder than my old crappy Frigidaire, which is still sitting in my living room. The noise cuts out when the door is open.

I realize that these new variable-speed compressor fridges sound different, but this noise level is just unacceptable. It's the sound of a motor running, which is really, really, really, really annoying. It is driving me crazy, and I'm not sure I can stand having this fridge.

Does anyone know what the expected noise level (dB) is for this fridge?


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They just installed the CYE23TSDSS today and mine does not make the noise that a lot of people are complaining about. Like the poster above, mine is in an enclosed cabinet with only the doors exposed. My cabinet is 27"D x 36"W x 70 1/2"H. Maybe this helps to reduce any noise. I had an Electrolux CD FD and this does not make any more noise than that one did. Except for the long drawer that I will not be able to get out because of the door, I really like this one so far.

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Hello Ed,

thank you for your offer of checking the refrigerator on Consumer Reports. The one I just had installed is

Mine make the same noise (only when it is running though) however, it is quite annoying.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Ed,

thank you for your offer of checking the refrigerator on Consumer Reports. The one I just had installed is

Mine make the same noise (only when it is running though) however, it is quite annoying.

Thanks in advance!

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Nobody has really addressed the issue here, so I guess I will take a stab at it.
ICE. Ice is the culprit. A faulty water delivery system to the ice maker at the very top inside the freezer allows water to freeze in the small trough that directs the water to the ice tray. This will eventually lead to water running down to the air circulatory fan directly below. Sometimes a piece of ice will break off and fall down onto the fan. When this happens the fridge suddenly begins to make a loud fan or pump noise (imagine a fan blade rubbing on a piece of ice... gggggggg) that will quiet down after an hour or so when the fan wears the ice down a bit, but will not go completely away.
DEFROST THE FREEZER and the noise will go away.
This happened to mine after a year of operation. Easy to fix though.
If you find this is your fix, keep an eye on the water delivery trough to the ice tray and clean it when it begins to build up ice and you will prevent further difficulties here.

Imagine all the repair men who were paid $100 an hour to defrost a freezer. It takes about 2 hours so you can save $200 to defrost your self.

Don't be fooled that there is no frost inside the freezer. There can still be ice build up around the fan

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Thnx Mr. Muck! Yottaflops in December seems to have the same concern. It stops when I open the door. I have mine enclosed in a cabinet now, and that seems to muffle the sound. I dont think it is the ice maker, this sounds more like a small electric motor running. Not a chirping or grinding sound. I can live with it, I am a year older and my hearing a year less. I do seem to need to open the ice maker door and knock on the tray now and again to free up the ice that gets stuck and keeps the maker from makling.

Cheers and thnx for responding! The Cafe range is killer though, we LOVE it.

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We had a new home finished in June of 2014. All the appliances (save fridge) were GE. Keeping things simple I figured we'd buy the matching french door counter depth. I as well read some complaints of noise regarding the unit, but assumed it wouldn't be as described by some. Wrong.

The first unit immediately off the truck made terrible, down right obnoxious, rattling. Even the young man installing the fridge was on the verge of embarrassed. Back it went for another unit, although if I was wise enough I would have gathered I'd have the same issue with the next and should have refunded for another model.

The second arrived and seemed like a better unit just in the appearance alone. It plugged in and fired up with no noticeable noise. Fast forward a couple months.

Slowly but surely the rattle developed over time. Enough that a call to GE service was in order. A tech came out and assessed the unit. He stated it must be a fan issue and placed an order for the new internal shroud and fan (behind and below the drink drawer). The part showed up in about a week and he was there shortly after to install.

As he was installing, politely I left him in short supervision, I did notice the significant ice build up behind the shroud (ah, the culprit I assumed). He thawed the ice with a hair dryer type device and installed the new part. Fridge again was quiet with normal noise levels.

And a few months later, again, rattle-rattle-rattle.

Upon closer inspection, I found the specific noise could be dampened by pushing on the door handles or fridge frame it's self. Odd I thought for a noise as annoying it was, could so simply be muted.

A little more poking and prodding lead me to assume much of the issue may be attributed to the fridge frame either not square or out of plumb just enough for the compressor or a fan contacting somewhere transmitting a vibration.

As simple as it seems, which has appeared to work a miracle for the time being, I adjusted the front feet to lift and remove the pressure off the front rollers while still maintaining left/right level. Upon raising the front of the fridge, I immediately noticed more warm air exhausting from underneath and instantly our pestering rattle all but disappeared. No kidding.

So in short, If you're at wits end with a noisy fridge, maybe what I've stumbled upon will help someone with similar frustration. I can't say it's solved the issue long term but quiet as can be for now.

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