Tub for Two Recommendations? . . . Tee Hee!

daisytrailMarch 20, 2014

We're remodeling and i've searched and read through this forum for all types of posts regarding tubs. But, i haven't found any posts about tubs for two people and the important factor of comfort.

We prefer a freestanding tub style and in acrylic or resin because of the price advantage. I'm average build for a woman and my husband is a bit "over average" but not too much.

So, let me know if anyone has a purchase they're happy with. I'd appreciate the names and styles (and price) if you can remember.

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Here is a page full of them. ;-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Tubs for two

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Biggest problem with tub for 2, is you need the same amount of water if it is only 1 in the tub.

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Actually, you need even more water when only one person is in the tub because two people displace more water than one!

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But that's why you bathe together, right? To conserve water? ;)

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daisytrail, you need to measure you and your DH sitting on the floor to get an idea of the basin size that will work. Then go to the manufacturer's website and look at the specifications.
Make some decisions if you want to sit side by side or across from each other, the depth, the shape, whirlpool or not, price point, etc and start browsing the internet. This forum gives you lots of info on the quality of the brands.

You also need to plan for a good supply of hot water too.

BAthtubs are a very personal decision. We can't really help you until you give us more information anyway. We would be glad to help you discuss the details of a list of tubs that you are interested in, but only you and you DH can start that list.

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I'm sort of posting this just for laughs because it's not everyone's taste and is insanely expensive, but it does "fit" two...

Here is a link that might be useful: Boffi Terra tub

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Here is another 2 person tub - the Maax Murmur

Daisytrail - most of the folks on this forum have been there, done that, got the t-shirt as far as the big garden tubs. The serious bathers are extremely particular about a good fitting tub and a personal experience that meets their needs. They pay attention to details such as basin length, basin width, back angle, high flow tub fillers and the required gallons of hot water.

Most folks who come to the forum with the initial idea of a tub for two or a large corner tub, that realistically won't get used by 2 people at the same time, quickly end up changing to a single person tub.

The best thing for frequent use multiple soakers is to invest in a Jacuzzi for the backyard or basement. food for thought.

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