Where to Begin Pottery?

jmastromJune 15, 2010


My wife was an avid clay potter (term?). She would make bowels etc from clay and have them fired. That was about 5 years ago, before the birth of our eldest daughter.

All her tools are gone.

I want to get her started again, at about $50 or so. Can you guys help me pick out the best "starting" tools, and the kind of clay to get. I do remember it was Columbus clay company, and came in a heavy box.

Any help will be appreciated.



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I love ceramics and have a few suggestions. First of all, check the area in which you live, there are usually adult ed. programs where she can go and use the kiln and pottery wheel for a small fee. These programs are low cost and she can go as often or as little as she wants. If that is not an option, then check online for ceramic supply stores. One is called BigCeramicstore.com there you can find a basic startup kit that is about $15. The Clay you buy will depend where she can find a Kiln. Most kilns can do "LowFire" clays. These kilns fire at lower temps so the clay you would use is different from "High fire" clay.
Put a "tool box" together for her with the basic tools, gather up stuff around the house that she can use..things with texture, rolling pin, cookie cutouts etc. and sign her up for either the class or kiln time. If adult ed. classes aren't available,check out local colleges or HS ceramic depts. many will let you use their kilns for little costs.
I purchased an old kiln on craigslist for$50bucks, so check there too. good luck, Lisa

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