A Salute to Levi

oldalgebraFebruary 23, 2010

There was a planning meeting for a our charity committee at my house today, and I used the Levi-themed table

IÂve been putting together these past few days. After the plans were finalized, we all sat down to lunch. We had

sliders, green salad and tater tots. Yes, tater tots  and they were good too!

This is the best I could do picture-wise. I should have waited for better lighting, but there was no time for that.

I put frames around them, as I explored the Edit section of Photobucket after Karen talked about it on Jane's western table post.

The tatoes were dished up in a gold miner's pan. (IÂm originally from Northern California, so I have a few 49er items.

In fact, I used to pan for gold in the Sacramento River when I was little.) The condiments were served in a

cobbler's nail caddy. I took a close-up picture of it, but it turns out that condiment pictures are yucky looking.

See the metal hook with the wooden handle (leaning on the toe of the boot)? Does anyone know

(or care to guess) what itÂs used for? HINT: You need two to use them properly.

"Lanterns" are nail-punched paint cans. They're filled with battery operated

LED string lights.

Here's a close up of the centerpiece. Well, really it's a side-piece.

Just purchased the boots at the Goodwill. They've been there ever since I did

my western table last summer. I just didn't want to pay $ 9.99 for them at

the time and didn't have the heart to ask the people at Goodwill to come

down in price. Each time IÂd pop in at the Goodwill, I'd visit them.

They never came down in price. Obviously, IÂm the one who broke down.

The tablecloth is a picnic throw my mother made a zillion years ago.

She made a couple for our family and then made individual ones for both of our

children. They're the best picnic throws ever! Can't feel little rocks or

prickly weeds through them. Soak up moisture before it soaks through.

No need to worry about spills.

The Levi pocket flatware holder was an idea from the internet. Like Jane, I keep

old jeans on hand for extra fabric. So it was just a matter of cutting out the pocket.

After everyone left, things were transferred to the pull-out table for dinner tonight.

Jeanne and Punk, this will be your table when you arrive by stagecoach on Friday. Biscuits and chicken pot pie.

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How Deeee!!!
What great tables. Both colorful and creative.
Your guests must have really gotten a kick from the table setting for them.
Did you make the Lanterns? They're such a cute idea..and is that 'Barbed Wire' on the table? Gives a nice effect.

First off...to answer your Question ...Those are
'Hay Picks'...I've seen them used by stable hands, when I was a kid.
Love those Western Boots and how you displayed them.
I don't blame you for not wanting to 'Haggle' with GW..
But I do think they were a good investment that you will use many times. I love those flowers in them and the touch of red with the Bandana. \
What a treasure to have a Picnic Throw from your DM. Bless her heart that she made so many for your family. The blue is a perfect accent. I like how you used your Levi Pocket on the plate...clever touch too with the Bandana Napkin tucked in there.
Did you ever 'Strike Gold' ? That must have been fun.
Now I'm slighted...at your next table...
No Placesetting for Me? :(

I love how the colors 'Pop' on this one. The dark blue denim with the R&W check and your dishes...are so pretty.
I like how your off side centerpieces looks, and is that a
Cast Iron Biscuit Pan that you used for candles??
So clever.
This was another Fun Table(s) to look at and I enjoyed all your creative touches.


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Second hay picks. I use them to move straw bales.

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Gosh, thanks for the memories...LOL, I moved a LOT of hay bales using those darn things. (Probably why my back is so bad nowadays.)
What a great table, your guests must have loved every bit of it and been quite awed by your talent. I sure love it.

hugs, Karen

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Yes sireeeee. I did make the lanterns. My first try at that sort of thing. The barbed wire is part of my Halloween mantel decorations. I have a couple of strands and moved this particular strand from Halloween to Hoedown.

Good guess concerning the hook. But I really didn't supply you with an adequate picture and can see why you'd think they're bailing hooks.

Look more closely (next to last picture). The ends aren't curved with a pointed end. More u-shaped with a blunt end.

Can you guess now?

I did get a few gold flakes now and then when I went panning. It takes lots of patience with very little pay-off. It's fun when you're little though.

The candle holder on the second table is the cobbler's nail caddy. It's in two parts and spins around like a Lazy Susan. Heavier than beejeezers! I normally keep it on an end table in my family room, filled with peanut M&Ms (the appropriate color-of-the-month).

Thanks for such a detailed response. But most of all, thanks for joining in with a table of your own.

Oh, there IS a place at the table for you. I will be serving, not eating.

Gardener1908, try again.

EVERYONE, are you having any trouble posting? Do you get a
message that says:
That Home Site!
There has been an error:
No forum specified.

I get this all the time. Is it just my computer?

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You are a brave woman, handling that barbed wire! Looks great & then you moved it a 2nd time! OUCHIE!

Love the boots for the flowers & bandana! That's a bargain cause they are perfect! And, if you don't want to keep them, you can plant flowers in them at your back door! LOL!

The "linens" are wonderful!...you DM's throw ( I thought to myself, WOW, OA even made a tablecloth from old jeans! Lots of work!) I love the napkins & placemats ... great ideas! And the dishes are perfect with the hankies!

That nail caddy is an awesome candleholder! I use a cast iron muffin tin (6-holer) sometimes for that purpose...this one of yours really looks cool!

The menu sounds YUMMY...hope that stagecoach doesn't break any axles!!! (cause I'm hungry ... punk & jane probably, too!)

What a fun table! I'm impressed with your "punch" project...looks wonderful! TFS, everything! Jeanne S.

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Bravo, or shoot em up, bang bang! It is great!
I love all the details, you are very creative!
I would say they were to toss the salad, HAHA, did cowboys have salad? Are they for gold panning?
Glad everything panned.:) out with your luncheon. I bet those buckeroos got a big kick out of your table.
Did you BRAND the sliders?? :)
We have till Fri right?? I am waiting for my wagon to come in with some props!

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Karen, Jeanne, and Kathleen,
Glad you enjoyed the table. I had fun putting it together. We do a lot of barbecuing during the summer months, hence the bandana-rimmed plates and the desire for a pair of cowboy boots I have no intention of ever putting on.

Jeanne, the barbed wire is phony. Just wire covered in some rubber-like substance. Pretty cool prop though, don't you think!

... did the cowboys have salad? ...
Well, Miss Smarty Pants, I thought that was a very good question. I actually tried looking it up, but never found the answer. Did find this on the subject:

Tossed salad
When and where did tossed or mixed salad begin? The answer depends (in part) on how you define tossed greens/mixed salad. Food historians tell us rudimentary mixed (several types of greens) salads were known to neolithic peoples.

And finally, no, they're not for gold panning.

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Your tables are wonderful and I can hardly wait to get there. Karen is almost ready to take over the reins. I'll be riding shot gun and Jane and Jeanne will jump inside the stagecoach and we'll be coming around the moutain and should arrive Friday morning around 4 am.

Your Biscuits and Chicken Pot Pie sounds great. We'll be hungry after the long ride and can't think of a better place to to heading.

The hay hook, boots, levis, barbed wire, bandanas and everything is perfect. I've never seen a cobblers nail caddy like yours but it's great. What a wonderful way to display it. Cowgirl, you really know how to set a table for us dames. Love your flowers in the boots and lanterns. That's some great punching you did on them.

I have so many fancy pockets on jeans and was planning on using them on quilts but may have to make some napkin and silverware holders after seeing yours. The dinnerware is perfect sitting on your DM's Picnic Throw.

Is your hook for hanging meat in the lockers while aging process takes place? I've seen these but not positive where. Our bale hooks were rounded at the ends.

I had a cousin who owned a gold mine in Helena and wish I would of tried my hand at panning for gold but never took time to just do it. Now he's gone so don't know if I ever will. Thanks for sharing your story it was fun and Please leave the lights on! Oh, better get a place set for Karen too.


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I'm impressed!!
You did a fabulous job, not once ~ but twice. I can see where you really did have a good time gathering all your treasures to put it all together.
S~O.... C~R~E~A~T~I~V~E!!!

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OA...I figured out your question...after you explained their shape...I realized they were Boot Hooks to help put on or remove boots. I remember years ago using VERY long shoe horns to remove boots..but I guess real 'Cowboys/Gals' used those hooks! lol
I'll take you up on that meal..sounds might Yummy!
I'm impressed with those lanterns...I've always wanted to give them a try, but never did..Yours came out really nice.
Great idea withthe cobbler's nail caddy.
I can't get over your 'Barbed Wire'!! I've never seen faux like that. Love it.
I hope Punk comes soon, cause I don't want her driving like a 'Crazy Lady'...and don't want that dinner to get cold either...See you soon Partner!


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You hit the bull's eye, Jane. They are boot hooks. They help with putting boots on. Boot jacks help with taking them off.
Very good. Go to the head of the wagon train.

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Wooo Hooo- OA...
Thanks ... Can I also have a 'Gold Star' ??

See you soon!


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OA, I didn't even think to guess boot hooks, LOL. I should have recognized them too.
On your boot purchase (glad you bought them by the way), doesn't your GW do half-price Saturdays? Ours here do them once a month, and boy do the stores get mobbed with everything in it half off.

hugs, Karen

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Boot hooks huh! Nope I have never used those. LOL. What a fun & creatived table and menu. We all need more fun in our lives.

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Wow! You sure did a "Bang up" job on both these tables. How fun that you found "fake" barbed wire! I totally agree with all the other's comments. Love how you did the jean pockets and napkins and your little punched lights are so darn cute! And you even have bandana print dishes!!! Really fun tables, I'll bet the ladies really enjoyed them. Oh, by the way, I love Tater Tots--especially the ones with the onions in them! ;o)

P.S. Let me know when the girls arrive on the stagecoach and I'll "hike" over to join in the fun!


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*We all need more fun in our lives.*

Ahhhhhh. You gals are sooooo much fun. Where else am I going to find a group of grown-ups who think a Levi Strauss birthday table is fun and don't hesitate to play along? I just LOVE this place!

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All you have to do is shout... 'Who Wants To Play'...
I think...that's when -
All the 'Grown-ups' have left the Room!!
Cheaper Than Therapy....

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LOL! My kids are "getting worried about me!" (that's a quote) I sent them a pic of my table the other day! More LOL!

Agree with ALL of the above...a great CREATIVE group! ... and YES, definitely, GREAT therapy! TFS everyone!
Jeanne S. ...oh, another thought, do you own any "tumbleweeds," AO? LOL!

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I did once!
Picked them up on the side of the road when I drove from my hometown back to Santa Clara the first year I taught. I had three big graduated sizes and I sprayed them white. Glued them one on top of the other and made a giant tumbleweed snowman body. Then my first graders brought in items with which to decorate him.

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Oh, I'm late to your party, OA! And, I was guessing they were boot or button hooks. Anyhoo, as usual, you've created a wonderful wonderful table! Love the idea of using the jean pockets to hold individual sets of flatware!! The forsythia in the boots centerpiece is another great idea. BTW, I really like those boots . . . they're not a Ladies size 7, by any chance, are they ;^D Those are cute!
Your plates are perfect for this luncheon. Are they new???
Great idea for the tin can lanterns.
Ditto with the barbed wire and jean tablecloth AND your cornbread-pan-turned-tealight-holder. What's that Velvet can? Snuff? Chew? It adds a very authentic air to the table, like some cowboy just sat down, took it out of his pocket and laid it there.
Great table!

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Oh my, I have no chance of staying caught up on this forum! You ladies are so prolific with your TS's!

OA your tables are wonderful and I ditto what others have said. Those boots were not expensive when you consider what they cost new. I know that well as I've bot a few pair.

To think I've been donating all our old jeans to the thrift store! I'll think twice next time. Very useful for western themes.

Love your nail punched lanterns! Faux barbed wire - who'd a thunk! :-D

I knew the hook had to be for boots as I have a similar one that was made by a blacksmith for lacing ice-skates.

Painted tumbleweed! How creative - I'll never look at it the same again. It grows in an area we occasionally travel to and I never thot of it being useful for anything!

I may just have to paint my tacky tourist souvenir cowbell black - looks great like that.

I've had the occasional problem with this site when trying to post to a thread but just go back and try again immediately and it works. I also sometimes have problems accessing any forum here but the message says it's unavailable and I thot they were doing upgrades.

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"Painted tumbleweed"? Where??? I don't see any. Tumbleweeds are terrible things and are full of nasty stickers. We have them everywhere out here. When it gets very windy, some break off and start rolling and dropping their darn seeds as they go. They're huge fire hazards, too. They get near fire and they instantly burst into a ball of flames, like they were dipped in gasoline. You don't want any in your home IMO!

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I didn't have the tumbleweed in my house. I had it in my classroom. It was January and we were doing a weather unit and pretending it was so cold that we could make a snowman.

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They decorate them here in AZ too. Lynn is right about being careful as they can ignite FAST. But they make pretty decorations if you don't expose them to flames.
One of our smaller towns use to do a tumbleweed tree every year, stacking many tumbleweeds up to make a big tree.

hugs, Karen

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Well gals, I hope all of you are ready for the stagecoach to pick you up on the way to OA's. Luvs, Luckygal, Lynn, Milosmom, Kathleen, Gardner we might as well pick all of you up on the way. If we've forgotten anyone just stand by the road and the stage will make another stop. No sleep tonight we must roll on or we will miss the "Levi Birthday Party".

Luvs, I know you want to "hike" on over but we don't want you to get to SKINNY and make us look FAT. You know the old saying "Dear God, If I can't be skinny, Please make all of my friends look Fat". Sooo we will pick you up!LOL

Speaking of Tumbleweeds, I was at a wedding where they used them outside with white doves on them in large baskets and it was stunning. There is a flower that looks alot like them but has little blue and pink flowers. I used one of these at DD's reception in a tall wicker vase. I had planned on growing some but haven't.

You ladies are fun and I think we have a wonderful bunch here.


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Lord luv a duck!

I'm at a loss for words...which is VERY unusual.


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. . . so OA, are those boots a size 7??? Now THAT was thinking out of the box! Using real cowboy boots as vases! Hmmmm, that idea could be used for ice skates, baby booties . . .lots of possibilities. Anybody still have a pair of saddle shoes?
I must have missed your post on the tumbleweeds. I've seen them made into snowmen here, too. They're too sticker-y for me to touch, though ;~D

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Ah, Lynn. You're back - and in full swing I see. The India table and dinner tells me your health has returned.

The boots are size 6-1/2 I think. (They're pack away now.) That may be the reason they never sold for so long. Too small for most people.

Someone named Shysue did a beautiful tablescape using ice skates just this past January. You might have seen it: Shysue's Table

When I taught second grade, I had a big box full of different kinds of shoes (ballet, fireman's boots, skates, ice skates, tennis shoes, cowboy boots, red high heels, swimming flippers, flip flops, pink fuzzy slippers, etc. ) I had the kids reach into the box, pull out a shoe, and then write a story about the person who wore the shoes. It was fun. Sure wish I had all those shoes today! Never dreamed I'd be wanting to use them as decorations in my old age.

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OA, I can tell you were a really fun teacher. Hoping my little GD will get teachers like you that are imaginative and fun so she will love going to school! ;o)

I've seen the tumbleweed snowmen too and thought they were "unique". LOL

Punk--you are too funny! Okay, I'll be standing outside my house when the stagecoach arrives. P.S. Could you bring your cell phone along to let me know when you are close so I don't stand out there too long and make the neighbors worry???? LOL


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