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six172February 6, 2014


I am pretty new to the forum here, I have been checking out all the amazing stuff you folks are talking about. My wife, 11 year old daughter and I are about to build a house. We are currently in a 2 bedroom townhome of about 1000 sq ft and looking to up size to a ranch with a partially finished basement. The main floor will be 1625 sq ft and the basement will have about 1500 sq ft, 1000 of that will be finished with two bedrooms and a media room. Then the rest will be unfinished storage/utility. We're expecting a new little one in June this year so we figured since that wasn't stressful enough, why not build a house too. At this point we're going to start digging at the end of this month, I was hoping for some feedback on the floor plan and telling you what my wife and I are thinking of doing as well. Here is an image of the floor plan, if anyone has used this one before please let me know how you like it.


Our current plan is to move the fireplace out of the middle of the floor and to the exterior wall. In addition I think we plan to move the wall for the dining area out an extra foot to give a little more room in the dining area. The next modification we will be doing is removing the bathroom door from the master bedroom and installing a barn door. Also we're thinking of removing the tub from the master bath and just building a 5x5 walk in shower. The only other thing that we're thinking of doing is removing the swing door on the 1/2 bath and installing a pocket door.

Any suggestions or feedback on this are welcome.


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This is a nice, efficient plan! That said, there is room for improvement.

The entry looks teeny tiny. I'm not sure where you could steal room to make it bigger.

While the door from the laundry to the WIC is interesting, I don't know if it worth the loss in space - both in the closet and the laundry. The laundry is small already, and the extra door ensures you have no space to hang clothes to dry, or to set down a laundry basket. Also, there is no place to put coats and shoes when you come in from the garage. By eliminating the big tub, as you suggested, you can expand the laundry/mud room.

I don't like closets on outside walls (bedroom 2 and 3). I like closets to separate bedrooms from each other or from living space. I like that each bedroom has its own sink, but the 2 doors into the tub/toilet area make it pretty tiny. I'd reconfigure that whole wing.

Your daughter is 11 now - by the time she and the little one would actually be sharing a bathroom, the oldest will move downstairs! So each ends up with essentially a private bath.

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Thanks for the feedback Ann. We're pretty happy with how open the floor plan is. The good thing about that master closet is that door to the laundry, but the bad thing about that master closet is that door to the laundry. It's the best and worst at the same time haha. I think if we could make that closet bigger somehow that might help make up for the door. I thought about taking the door to the closet out of the bathroom and making another barn door entrance from the bedroom to the closet.

I agree totally on moving that bathroom wall to make more room in the laundry/Mud area.

What about the closets on the outside wall don't you like? You're right about the kids not having to share, the 11 year old already wants her room in the basement. We're actually planning on having one more baby pretty quick after this one so the two little ones will have those two bedrooms. By the time they get old enough to really need more space in the bathroom we can move them downstairs.

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Bedroom #3 has a small window, and with a closet on the other outside wall, that's all you'll get.

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Just a quick glance, but I think you need a place to drop things as you come into the house from the garage, especially if you plan on having 2 more little ones soon!

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The biggest thing I'd want to change is the entrance to the master bedroom. I like the "back door" entrance through the laundry /closet, and I think you'll use it frequently -- but I don't like that you'd have to wind past the fireplace and through the kitchen and dining area to reach the main door.

The living room looks smallish.

And I agree about the closets on the outside walls. I'd bring them "in" and let them function as sound barriers for the secondary bedrooms . . . and let the bedrooms have the benefit of natural light from two walls.

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Great feedback everyone. I will get started looking at how to modify the bedroom closets. I think if we pull the fireplace out of the middle of the floor and put it on the wall that will help things a bit.

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What I would do is enlarge the living room by squaring off the outer wall to match the dining room and move the fireplace to the outer wall. This would allow moving the stairs to the same wall between the living room and bedroom #3 in a straight run and giving the bedroom some noise separation thereby enlarging the entrance and allowing room for a coat closet and bench for removing shoes.

Then I would swap the master bedroom walk in closet with the bathroom sink/counter, move the toilet to the same wall as the kitchen range and allow the connecting doorway from the laundry to enter the bathroom rather than the closet. The shower then could fit in at the end of the walk in closet and window. This gives the laundry room additional space and makes the master bathroom more workable.

For the kids bedroom area, it can be improved by expanding the square footage to allow better placement of the jack and jill bathroom/closet areas.

Look closely at the length of the garage, is it deep enough for today's sized cars and trucks?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I talked to the builder today to have a look at the depth of the garage. For now we have small vehicles but that will change in the future. We're also planning on setting up a mud room in the corner of the garage since the one in the plans is pretty tiny, an extra 2 foot will help out a great deal.

I have attached a bathroom layout that I did. It's not entirely to scale there are some mistakes but it should give you an idea of what I was thinking of doing to the bathroom. I will have to layout your suggestion on the bathroom and closet and see what I can do.

We are planning to move the fireplace out of the middle of the room and place it on the exterior wall. So that should free up some space for us.

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