June Polyzine Online Magazine

rosie_gaJune 4, 2002

FYI.......From the editor's letter it seems there has been a problem with mass mailing on their newsletter subscriber list. June's issue is ready to be viewed but may or maynot be sent out.


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Love those lentil beads; looks like something I might could handle!
And did you see the bead pusher tool! I thought that was ingenius!!

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Bead pusher was pretty neat.......and the lentil beads were nice. I need to set aside certain days of the week and devote to crafts. I have this thing.....I need to get my work done before I play. But sadly, I never get all the work done. Think I will set aside Tues and Thurs and just to PLAY.

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I have the same problem! Ideally, we should set aside a "play day". But you know what they say about an immaculate house and a dull life! I'll say!!

If you're setting aside tomorrow (Thurs.) to play, I'll join you! I have some Kato Polyclay and some of the 50¢ Sculpey Michaels had recently. AND a Sculpey swap deadline approaching! Why don't we check in end of the day for show & tell?
Have fun!

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Oh, nice issue this month. Love those lentil beads! I am putting a finish on poly clay items from a class this weekend, so I'll post as soon as I can-Thurs or Friday. Finally used the new Kato clay. It is very stiff & crumbly like Fimo. I conditioned it the night before the class but had to recondition the next morning. After it warms up it has a nice working consistency and feel. It is not as stretchy as Fimo- breaks more quickly when pulling out "snakes". But it also does not get sticky like Premo gets when you work it over for a while. That's my review, for what it's worth, lol. I used the white, translucent & yellow for making faux ivory & amber.


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