Calling all clay people!!!!!!!!!

CandyWAJune 25, 2004

Hey clay people.... I don't care if ya post bad ideas! Just post SOMETHING! I would absolutely love this forum if it actually moved.

I just wanna come here and get great ideas... yet not contribute. Is that too much to ask? :)

Even if you're just squishin' clay while daydreaming about what you might make if you were ever motivated to do so... share it.

Pretty please???

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Hi Candy,
I am posting!
I am looking for a supplier of bisque 6 inch tiles. I live in NY.
Anyone out there???


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What is the best wire to make bodies that will hold there shape. I have made alot of clay heads that I want to make into santas. I have 100s of santas that I collect made from everything. Gourds, paper mache, pecan recin & the list goes on. Thanks nanatofourgirls

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Hi Candy !!! Long time no see ! A bunch of us livened up the stained glass & mosaic forum - it's hoppin' now !!!
I see alot of names I recognize - maybe we can get this place movin' too !

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