Low Fire Ceramics

stellamarisMay 4, 2007

Hi, I would like to know if anybody knows what happends when you place a low fire piece outdoors. Do the colors fade? and if so how long doest it take? Thank you, Stellamaris

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I think it all depends on what was used to finish the surface. Acrylic? Glaze? Oxide?

I've got some commercial coffee mugs that faded in the sun, only took over the summer to do it.

Sorry can't be more help. p

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we've never noticed any of our items fading in outdoor use, but then everything we make is fully glazed. I've never thought about testing outside durability, maybe I'll throw a few pieces in the yard this summer and see what happens!

Thanks for the idea,

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Do you use fired on ceramic decals? Thats what faded the worst, the decals. Also had a stack of commercial dishes outside(hehe, doesn't everyone?) that I was going to break up for mosaics, they were glazed a lovely translucent amber and the top plate was a bit lighter than the rest of the stack after 6 months.


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