Ceramic markers

stephmc72May 11, 2002

I will be using a ceramic platter for my guest 'book' at my upcoming wedding. I will be painting, firing and glazing it ahead of time and my guests will then use paint markers (probably Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint markers) to sign with.

Does anyone have experience with these pens or can you recommend another type? If so, how many pens should I get? I plan on 150 guests at my wedding but couples will probably sign together so it could be around 75-100 signings on my platter. Do you think 10 pens is too much? too many? I'm not sure how far the ink/paint goes. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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I think that 5 markers would be plenty- they are not real cheap. I have used the Pebeo paints in the jar and was very happy with them so the markers should be good, too. I think Pebeo is the best quality of the options available. People just need to be careful of where others have signed- give it a few minutes to dry so they do not smear another person's signature. Maybe have some baby wipes there to wipe off mistakes or clean hands.

Hope this helps, Steph. Your wedding is going to be beautiful, and worth every minute of the hard work you are putting into it!

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I would keep a few aside just in case someone walks off with the one they are writing with. It's just a habit with some people.


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