Patriotic Snowman

phonegirlFebruary 6, 2011

DSis ask if I would paint one of her records with something patriotic and donate it for the benefit coming up for the little guy who lost his legs and one hand in the war.

I haven't been painting anything for months but painted this today. I haven't varnished it so if you think I should add something else please let me know.


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Punk, it is absolutely darling!!
I think it looks great as is, but maybe some snowflakes on the black?
It's fine without them, just a thought.


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What a cute little patriotic snow guy! You amaze me everytime you start and finish a project in the same day! You are so sweet to donate items for charity. Luvs

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It is so sweet

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Candy, thanks, that was what I was thinking so when I read your post went in and added some. Hope you didn't mean the other type.....

Luvs, you are so funny. I think I learned to paint fast when I was teaching classes. You only have a few hours to complete a project and I always tried to do ones that could be completed in a night.

Minnie, great to see you here posting with us. Hope you will come back often and join in.

Thanks ladies for your comments. I'm starting another one tonight if I have time. I love to paint but it's just getting started thats hard at times.


Don't know why the two bottom ones seem so wht in the picture, they don't in RL. Is this better Candy? Thanks again for your comment.

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Punk, that is totally delightful. I love this Snowman with his lil' striped nose. And the perfect saying with him!
The addition of the light snow falling is just perfect too.

And you painted on a record??? WOW, who'd have thought.
Wish you lived here and could give me painting lessons, tho I'd probably be your one and only failure. LOL. I missed the Talent Bus. (can't sing, dance, or draw either.)

hugs, Karen

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SWEET, punk! luv it!

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Punk..he's adorable..and what a sweet heart you are to do this for a charitable fund.
I think the added falling snow was just the right cheerful touch to the black. I love how his mouth is right where the record hole is! By the way, were do you find records now a days?...they're a rare find.


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He's adorable, I thought snowflakes would compete with the stars but your light snowflakes really finish it off. Can't imagine painting on a record. At least you knew where to put his mouth but all those grooves!! You are very talented & so nice of you to give it to help the young man with such serious wounds ,rebuild his life! Jan

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Wonderful job! I like that you added the snowflakes. Whoever gets it is going to treasure it. You are so talented Punk. I can paint a wall and that's it.LOL

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That is perfect!! The plain black was just a bit stark, but your snowflakes finished it to perfection!!
And: NO!!I didn't mean real snowflakes!!! We have had enough of those and are supposed to get more tonight! Uncle! LOL

You are a sweetheart to do this for the benefit.
I hope it sells for a lot of money as it definitely is worth it!
Your talent is amazing and you sure put it to good use here.

Great job!!

Bless you for your generosity,

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Karen, you would be a wonderful painter. You have so much talent with all your decorating and you have a great eye for what goes together. If you want to paint I would be more than happy to help you get started. If it doesn't move, it gets painted!

Jeanne, I'm so concerned about you and your fall. Guess I better go see exactly what happened if you posted on another thread.

Jane, DSis has more records than most could imagine. We gave her one of our display cases that is 8' and she has two full rows in it. This record is one of the old ones that is a Edison Diamond Disc. It is very think and can't be played on the same phonographs as others.

You noticed the placement of his mouth. This is one of the hardest parts when painting something like this on a record.

Jan, the grooves on records are no problem painting. If you paint you should try it. I didn't hear what my shutter ended up going for at the last auction but DD said the first bid was $15 and alot of people were talking about bidding on it. Does my heart good to donate to help others.

We also donated an Eagle state quarter holder filled and it ended up going for alot so will donate another one. With the new Android market booming, we will donate another Droid for this auction also. It breaks my heart knowing what lies ahead for him.

Nana, if you can paint a wall, you could paint just like me. It isn't all about talent. I think desire plays a bigger part of being a painter.

Candy, I meant did you want me to add snowflake shapes on the record. Not the other type we are getting outside.LOL It is dumping on us again big time.YUK

You are all so fun and thanks for all the comments.


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punk..i go 2 family dr Wed..she will probably re-X-ray...but I am getting's my left wrist..that patch of ice got me...ugh! ..I usually am more observant!! LOL1 Off pain pills ^ just taking Tylenol now & wearing brace & ice&'s getting better...thanks. One hand typing is the PITS tho! Jeanne s

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Jeanne, hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. Be sure and let us know. It's just not like you to not write a book on every I really missed that sense of humor!

Glad to hear your alittle better. We got alot of snow again and it's ice underneath so it's like a skating rink around here that hasn't been cleaned off. This has been quite the winter.


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