how to remove cooked on sugar residue from glass cooktop?

kaye_March 19, 2008

I am trying not be be upset---but I just walked in to the kitchen to find my teenage son cooking pudding on my new Gaggenau glass cooktop and he had pudding/sugar drips cooking onto the stove top!!! He is now banned from cooking on the cooktop in the future due to his messy ways!!I turned off the burner right away and removed the pot from the cooktop and wiped the cooktop surface down with a damp rag immediately. Most of the mess came off okay except for some small spots that almost look like water spots. Any suggestions for how to get this off? I have already tried my cooktop cleaner. I also have tried baking soda and vinegar. I am thinking of trying Mr. Clean eraser next, I have my cooktop cleaner soaking on the spots at the moment. According to the cooktop manuel sugar is the worst thing for the cooktop! Can you tell I'm frusturated....

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Bar Keepers Friend or oven cleaner.

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In case of emergency, break glass :-)

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Flat razor to scrape off residue followed by smoothtop glass polish.

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1. Read the manual

2. After that, do what Heimert says.

3. Teach someone else how to do it.

4. You are now a glass top master.

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I'd reconsider banning the son from cooking. Better to encourage him on that activity than prohibit it, IMO. On the other hand, explain to him that sugar and sugar-based foods can permanently etch/damage the surface and make clear that he is expected/required to take all due care to avoid damage ... and properly clean the appliances when done.

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O.K. I'm a little more calm today. However, I still don't have the residue completely removed from the cooktop. I am so nervous about trying the flat razor that came with the cooktop, what if I make it worse, and instead of just residue, I cause a scratch? I know that the razor tool came with the cooktop for a reason so I should probably try it, it just makes me so nervous having a sharp item like that around a glass surface.

Yes, I know that I should not ban the kids from cooking. They just need to be taught to follow directions. I have the manuel on the counter and having been having everybody, including my DH read it. This has been a good lesson for everyone that yes, if you don't follow the instuctions for and expensive tool or appliance you can cause damage. NOW the believe me! I think, at least I hope,that everyone will be more careful now.

Do you think that I should try the razor tool or do you think that the sugar has caused permanent etching that I should just accept and live with? I can't feel anything on the cooktop when I touch it with my finger which makes me think that there is nothing that the razor can remove, that maybe it is etched permanently....

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Heres a link to "helpful hints" on my cooktop cleaners webpage. Maybe that will help? Or just contact this company (via phone or email). I called before when I melted a spoon on my stone and they were very helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: cleaning tips

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Using a razor for the first time can be scary. Practice by dripping paint or other glop on the glass of an old picture flame so that you become comfortable handling the blade. This is also a good way to figure out the best angle to hold the blade--usually as close as you can get to parallel to the surface.

The worst thing that could POSSIBLY happen to your cooktop from misuse is that you would have to replace it. Isn't this preferable to traumatizing the kid (who probably feels pretty bad anyway)?

My kids are both in their 20s and are always cooking for their friends. When my daughter was about 12, she burned herself on an iron, and now refuses to iron anything (I sometimes wonder if this is still the reason...LOL)

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I would not worry about the razor. practice first. Alternatively put a little water on the stove. The razor will not scratch if you do it at a sharp angle (i.e., almost parallel to top) and you don't poke--just slide smoothly.

I've been cleaning my glass cooktop this way for 5+ years and there are no scrathes from the razor--from people (ahem, wife) sliding pans-yes, but not from the razor.

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OK, I just tried using the razor. Although it didn't change the etching I feel more comfortable with using the tool in the future. I just ordered the ceramabryte cleaner that kelly726 posted about. The etching really isn't too bad, I notice it because I am looking at it closely, if someone who didn't know it was there was looking they probably wouldn't see it. It's just that I like things to look perfectly clean! I'll let you know if the ceramabryte does the trick....

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If you could slowly and easily move the blade along the surface in one direction as if you were scraping frost from your car's windshield and felt no resistance as you passed over the spot it seems likely everything is ok.

If your scraper is a basic throw away item you might want to get something like the link item and some blades when you are in Lowe's, Home Depot, or a similar outlet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scraper

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>>It's just that I like things to look perfectly clean!

This issue has come up on a lot of threads lately. A working kitchen will never look pristine once you start using it. The purpose of a kitchen is to cook food. You will get dirt and scratches on the appliances. It's ok. It's nice to be clean and sanitary but don't go overboard about it. Teach your children how to cook - much more valuable than a pristine kitchen.

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