Black Play Doh

ArtsyCraftsyMay 3, 2002

Yes there is such an animal! I got a free little sample tub today at our workplace health fair! Good to squeeze in your hand to reduce stress? No, good to craft with to reduce stress! After all, it is air dry and you can stamp into it!

Anybody else love the smell of this stuff?


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That's a new one on me.......Guess you could put it in a garlic press and make witch's hair.
I do like the smell of it but I also remember the tiny crumbs in the carpet many years ago. But it was great fun.

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I've never used it for stamping into (except playing with my kids), but i've seen it suggested for jewelry. It comes in little multi-packs in the party favor dept. I made a little man when we were studying Mexico a while back; he's posted in the gallery.

But this "animal" is a horse of a different color, isn't it? Handles so unlike other clays.

Here is a link that might be useful: Doh Boy

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