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nullclueMay 9, 2007

Hi everyone. First, I know 0 about ceramics and clay, so please excuse my ignorance. Here is my question.

I have a ceramic figure that is glazed that I'm try to attach objects to for an art project (I'm assisting a friend with the project). The objects are metal, and the bond must endure the weather. What glue, or other bonding agent do you recommend? I've thought of drilling a hole in the ceramic figure to attach a stud to use as an anchor, is there a special drill bit to use on glazed ceramics?

Thanks for ANY help you can give me.

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There are glass and ceramic drill bits but use caution and go slow when drilling, I always use water to keep the bit cool as I drill.

Weather proof glue for metal to glazed ceramic...hmmm, you might try this site for adhesive advice:

Here is a link that might be useful: This to That

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