2 Towel Rings or Double Hook for Hand Towels?

juddgirl2March 29, 2012

I posted on Home Dec with photos on the link below but hoping for more responses here.

I'm getting ready to gut the bathroom and trying to confirm placement of wall accessories before framing.

Can't decide between 2 towel rings on side walls next to built in double sink vanity or a double hook on the back wall, centered between the double mirrors and above the backsplash. I could use smaller fingertip towels with the hook.

There will be a sconce and towel hooks on each side wall, so I'm wondering if the towel rings will make everything look too busy.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Decor Posting

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I would go with the hooks just to keep things consistent. Pretty choices!

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Stephanie's is actually a stand - I have one, can only put fingertip towels on it since it's so short. But works for DD, I'm thinking a towel ring or hook on the back wall b/t mirrors when she gets taller.

Why don't you buy an inexpensive stand and try it to see how you like it before you commit?

Hooks are easier, but rings look neater (if people bother to fold the towels before slipping them through the rings) and I think are more secure - the towels don't fall off them like they do the hooks. Hooks or rings, a position on the side wall near each sink may be more convenient, not just for kids, depending on how far apart the sinks are/how far from the walls they are. You could always place the hook for the "in-use" bath towel higher and closer to the shower and still fit a hook or ring closer to the sink and lower (just check the length of your handtowels, remember they're not doubled on a hook like they are on a ring, so hook would be higher than ring in the same location).

I don't know if you really need to frame out for hooks or rings like you do for bars - unless you think your kids would really pull on them.

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Thank you, shmeal and ajsmama. I want to plan ahead and frame for the hooks if possible b/c DH prefers to not just anchor accessories to drywall.

I might just have him frame for both options and then wait until the sconces and mirrors are installed to decide. A freestanding one might be even better so I can try that for awhile before deciding.

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