here's a site with some great projects

roserabbitMay 22, 2002

Some of you may have already seen this site. I just found it this morning while searching for stamps (I wanted postal stamps but forgot to put in postal when I searched) but anyway here are some projects: (this has some zip files you can access for great patriotic clip art)

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I made the Patriotic Flag Pins from the Sculpey site, using the injet tattoos. They were fun and I made one to look like a postage stamp. :-) I printed all of the ones in the clipart collection but never finished turning them all into pins!

Oh, I love Sara Jane Helm's polyclay site!

I just joined a Sculpey swap (nice and underwhelming --3 for 3) and I've got to make up my mind what to do! These inspirational sites should help. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Here are my pins

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