Wedi or Laticrete pre-sloped shower pan?

buckmarkoMarch 2, 2013

I am a DIY-er and I'm working on a small master bath. I have it gutted to the studs in the shower and the subfloor in the remainder of the br. I'm not able to afford to hire the work to be done, so I'd like to do the work myself, but correctly. I have been reading and researching to where my eyes are about to cross. My plan is to put up cultured granite panels in the shower with accent tile across the top for some extra style and color with matching tile on the floor, and a built in niche as well. I would like to use a pre-sloped pan like the Laticrete or Wedi. Is one as good as the other? I also plan on using Hydro Ban on the joints. The shower is 48 x 32 with no room for expansion. So whatever I get will have to be trimmed. The Wedi is available at a local store, but I would have to order the Laticrete. Not quite sure how much of a price difference there is. Or is there another brand that you would recommend? I was leaning toward Laticrete bc it has the built in drain. Advice? Suggestions? TYIA.

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Is getting the cultured product too expensive for the floor pan? I've seen them at Lowes. They fabricate whatever size you need.

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I do have a preference for the Laticrete or Kerdi systems over Wedi, mainly due to the flanged drain. Wedi is a fine product, but for me there's a little more tinkering with the Wedi drain versus the other two.

If you're already going to use Hydroban, then you can probably single-source the tray, so I'd recommend staying with Laticrete/Hydroban throughout.

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What Mongo said!!

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If you really want to save money it's not that difficult to make your own sloped shower pan with deck mud.

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My original plan was to do the shower pan as well from the same company, but I would like to have a small bench along the back wall. (A matching cultured granite pan was quoted to me for $700ish) I just didn't think I could put a bench in that kind of shower pan. After reconsidering the cost of the presloped pans, I recently started to look at making my own mud pan (FYI- I'm a female with a little skill- with doing lots of research). I'm just a little unsure of how to make it. I haven't priced the cost of materials either. That's why I thought the preformed presloped pan would be a good idea, and I can trim it to fit the bench with our center drain. I think matching floor tile would look nice. The presloped pans cost $400-$450. How much would a mud base cost for a 32x48? Aren't the laticrete drains alone close to $100? (Not that I have to use that one, I've just read they are nice.) So, I'm trying to compare cost, quality and convenience. If it's really only a small difference in cost, wouldn't the presloped laticrete with built in drain pan be easier? But would it be as good as the mud pan? Also, I haven't come by the term "single source" what does that mean? Sorry. Still new at this. Thanks so much for your insight and help on this. I'm trying to surprise my husband who is deployed right now with a (much needed) new bathroom for when he gets home this summer.

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I know when I'm installing a mud pan, my price is 30.00 per sq. ft.. For a pan your size, you're looking at 312.00. With me that includes all the materials EXCEPT the drain. Not sure if Laticrete and Schluter include the cost of the drain witih their sloped pans, unless it's the whole shower kit.

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"Also, I haven't come by the term "single source" what does that mean? "

It just means that you can buy all your materials from the same place, from a "single source". A Laticrete distributor, for example. Or the same online source.

"I haven't priced the cost of materials either. "

The easiest way to DIY materials is to used the bagged Quikrete products. Most pans take around 2-3 bags each of Topping Mix and regular sand. The 60-80 lb bags are around $5-$8 each.

Expanded metal lathe, maybe $10.

The flanged drains (Laticrete and Kerdi) are indeed expensive at around $75-$100, but do realize that they save you materials and labor. You can use an inexpensive 2-part clamping drain ($5), but you'll have to read up, or research Youtube videos regarding "the divot method" of shower construction. For DIY I do think a flanged drain is much easier than the divot/clamping drain method.

You'll probably have to buy a few tidbits, but you're looking at around $175-$200 max. That's an across-the-internet guesstimate.

"So, I'm trying to compare cost, quality and convenience. If it's really only a small difference in cost, wouldn't the presloped laticrete with built in drain pan be easier?"

Ding-ding-ding. I believe we have a winner!

You can get a Laticrete pan that includes the drain, as well as a few other tidbits, for around $350. Unlike the Kerdi Tray, the Laticrete drain is already set in the pan. It even includes the curb. Personally, I think that's a pretty good deal.

It is more expensive than DIYing your own mud pan, but you won't have to lug a half-dozen 80-lb bags of Quikrete, you won't have to mix your own deck mud, you won't have to calculate, layout, and then follow you drain and wall perimeter mud elevations to get the deck mud installed to the proper thickness, you won't have to screed it to the proper slope, rip your shoulder out packing the mud in place, etc, etc.

Then you still have to build your own curb. The Laticrete kit includes the Laticrete curb. So the kit saves you not just a couple of days of labor, it saves you a lot of head-scratching and tinkering, too. And a helluva lot of worry wondering "am I doing it right?".

It'll be pretty easy to install and more importantly, It will be right.

Good luck with your project. FWIW, while there may be others too, Bill and I are both veterans, and we as well as others on this forum are more than happy to help.

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Thanks so much Mongo! I did some research on the curb, and if I'm correct, the curb is only 3 1/2 inches tall. All the other ones are 6 inches (which I prefer). One other idea I had was: Use a Kerdi presloped pan ($100) with the Kerdi drain ($100) and use Hydro ban on it instead of the orange membrane. Tape and hydroban all seams and edges.Or would a Hydro ban drain work with the Kerdi pan? Can you combine products like that? I actually asked a rep for Laticrete (a guy at the tile store gave me his #) if I could put hydro ban on the kerdi pan. He asked what it was made of and I told him and his response was "I would not see an issue with that....However I don't think we have that written anywhere." Hmmm. Would that mean they wouldn't back up their product if something failed? Have you ever combined 2 systems like that? I already bought a gal of the Hydro ban. The shower kit would cost me about $400. I've priced it everywhere around here.Thoughts on that idea?

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Hi Buckmarko,

I am the online representative for LATICRETE International, Inc. We would like to help you with your current bathroom project. Please email me at We look forward to chatting with you!

Danielle S

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Hey Danielle-- I take it Henry introduced you to the Bathrooms forum? :-)

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hey buckmarko,

I was wondering how you made out with your project? I'm going through the exact same thing as a DIYer...looking to build a custom 36" x 60" shower from scratch. I like the laticrete product but the stumbling block is by far the price. Did you use the laticrete product? Any trouble?


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